How Long Is The Atlanta Motor Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

The Atlanta Motor Speedway is the home of the Georgia Racing Season, spanning from March to November. The half-miler is one of the most popular events on the Speedway calendar, with around 70,000 fans turning up in their droves each year. The four-day event is now in its 64th season and is one of the biggest annual sporting events in the state. It’s not just the popularity of the event that has made it an institution in Georgia – the all-American track was actually originally conceived as a military training facility during the Second World War. The original track was a whopping 1.55 miles in length and is still regarded as one of the most challenging race tracks in the country today. Since being established in 1940, the track has gone through a number of renovations and expansion projects, the most significant of which was the construction of a brand-new Grandstand in 1989. Today, the speedway is one of the most recognized and iconic sports venues in the Southeast. The first and third Monday of November each year are dedicated to the memory of Dale Earnhardt, a pioneer of American Motorsport whose passing in 2001 left a huge void in the state of Georgia. The Dale Earnhardt Week festival remains one of the biggest celebrations devoted to the motorsport legend. The last day of the season is known as ‘Black Sunday’ because of the heavy rain that fell that day in September.

The Track’s Layout

The track’s layout is pretty basic, with the exception of one element: the ‘twilight’ zones, the two areas of the track that are illuminated by the setting sun each day during the season. The first four rows of the grandstand and the terrace are completely encased in glass and are therefore fully accessible to fans from the south side of the track. The seating in these areas is terrace-style, with each fan having his or her very own private box.

This sort of access is one of the big selling points of the speedway, as attendees can get fantastic views of the racing action from unique vantage points. There are also a number of hospitality boxes dotted around the track, giving fans the chance to socialize with prominent figures from the motorsport world. The hospitality areas are also home to some pretty luxurious amenities, such as big-screen TVs and even Jacuzzi.

What is a Detour?

A detour is a mandatory stop that all drivers make either before the start/finish line or after the finish/start line depending on the rules of the race. There are a number of different types of detours, ranging from one full lap (known as a ‘circuit’) to several laps (a ‘course’) and even a few miles (an ‘out-and-back’ or ‘flag-to-flag’ race, for example). After completing a lap or course, the driver has to pull over and wait for the other cars to pass before they can proceed.

What Is The Difference Between A Half-Miler, Miler, And A Flat-Out?

A half-miler is a race where the participants do not exceed 15 kilometers per hour. This division is for beginners and those looking for a slower pace. The difference between a half-miler and a regular miler is that the latter is a race where participants can exceed 15 kilometers per hour, albeit for just a few seconds.

A flat-out is a type of motor race where participants drive at maximum speed from start to finish. These types of events are usually held over a number of laps or miles, with the winner being the first to cross the finish line. The difference between a flat-out and other types of racing is in the sustained speed that the participants must maintain over the entire duration of the race.

The Schedule

The schedule for the 2018 Georgia racing season is as follows:

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