How Long Is The Atlanta Speedway? [Fact Checked!]

The longest and one of the most famous racetracks in the United States is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Named for a local tobacco company that sponsored early race cars, the speedway runs one-third of a mile (500 meters) around each of its eight turns and is equivalent to a 4th mile (or a 1.3km) in length. The track was originally constructed in 1910 and underwent a large-scale renovation in 2003.

The 2019 NASCAR season saw Kurt Busch win the Daytona 500 and the following week dominate the top of the table in the running of the “Great American Race”. Naturally, all eyes will be on the former NASCAR champion in next year’s Indianapolis 500.

Top-Notch Facilities

The Atlanta Speedway is widely considered to be one of the best-maintained and most well-designed racetracks in the United States. Equipped with all the modern conveniences, drivers and spectators can enjoy top-notch facilities. To begin with, the track features a state-of-the-art lighting system that makes for some of the best nighttime racing experiences. As well, the Atlanta speedway is lighted entirely by LEDs which are energy-efficient and have a long life span – elements which combine to make the track one of the most eco-friendly in the country.

Not only do the track’s facilities offer a memorable racing experience, but the entire city of Atlanta – especially its restaurants and nightlife – draws thousands of visitors throughout the year. So, whether you’re an avid fan or you’ve just popped into town for the day, be sure to make the most of the city’s exciting offerings and spend a little time at the track as well.

Eight Turns, One Mile

Described by one source as “The Ultimate in Long tracks,” the Atlanta speedway is home to one of the longest NASCAR oval tracks in the world. What’s more is the track has eight turns – the equivalent of a NASCAR-size road circuit. This makes it a unique challenge for even the most experienced drivers who, otherwise, would be hard-pressed to find a track with this many corners. Each corner is banked at least ten feet (3m) and has a two foot (60cm) radius. While the track’s design prevents any one driver from being the center of attention, it has also made it difficult to single-handedly win a race there.

NASCAR Grand Slam

Even if you have one of the best cars on the track, you won’t be able to pull off a victory if there are still other competitors around you. The good news is you don’t have to. One of the perks of racing at the Atlanta speedway is that, more often than not, there will be at least three other cars on the track. This means that even the slowest car will be able to fight for the win. What’s more is, with so many cars around, it’s nearly impossible for one to get a clear run for the entire race. This adds an element of strategy to the sport which, in turn, makes for a more dynamic and interesting event. Not that winning is the only thing that matters at the Atlanta Speedway. As the name would suggest, the facility is also home to the annual “Bullet Drop” – a three-day festival that celebrates the summertime and everything racing. And for those who don’t mind a bit of a drive after the races, there is also the King Farms Creamery Co. Historic District. Here you can sample some of the area’s finest craft beers and ciders as well as cheeses from the surrounding region. As well, this year the site will offer an outdoor concert venue which, according to its website, will host acts including The Commodores, The Isley Brothers and The Carpenters. So, while you’re in town, be sure to make the most of all that the Speedway has to offer – from the sleek facilities to the exciting nights out (which is practically every night of the week at this point in the summer). You’ll have a great time, believe it or not!

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