How Long Is The Track At Atlanta Motor Speedway? [Updated!]

The most iconic race track in the United States, Atlanta Motor Speedway, is located in the state of Georgia. The 1.65-mile oval track features an exciting schedule of racing events, and it is not uncommon for racing fans to camp out in the cold just to get close to the action. The following will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the track.

How Many Degrees Of Hell Does The Track Go Through?

The temperature at the track is quite high, and it is not uncommon for drivers to wear ice jackets as they enter the track. The air feels heavy and damp, which adds to the already challenging nature of the sport. Because of the high ambient temperature and humidity, air conditioners are a must for the comfort of the spectators, and they have also become somewhat of a fashion statement. The track itself is quite long, spanning 1.65 miles, which makes it one of the longer tracks in professional racing. This, in turn, makes it more difficult to pass other vehicles. In the winter months, the track can be coated in a heavy layer of ice, which adds another dimension to the already difficult driving conditions. The track surface can get slippery and dangerous, especially towards the end when the racing gets aggressive. When it comes to heat, fans of Atlanta Motor Speedway know that the oppressive summer months make it almost impossible to sit through an entire race. The combination of hot weather and long track make for one very difficult weekend for the drivers and spectators alike.

Is There A Roof Over The Track?

Atlanta Motor Speedway is usually open air, which is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. The drivers are competing for sheer speed, so being outside is both exhilarating and breathtaking at the same time. While being outside is quite breathtaking and amazing, it is not always an easy feat to keep the track surface relatively clean. This is where the roof comes in, providing some much needed cover for the spectators who are located in the grandstands. The roof also prevents the track from getting wet, which is certainly an advantage when competing in the rain. The roof is an important part of the overall ambience and tone of the track, and it has become almost as popular as the track itself. The roof was originally made of metal, but the current version is made of fiberglass, which is a more sustainable solution and a lot more affordable. If you are a fan of vintage car racing, you can even spot some old style race cars with the roof still attached, providing an interesting perspective for those watching from the stands.

How Many Bridges Does The Track Cross Over?

The bridge at Atlanta Motor Speedway is quite interesting and a sight to behold. The road bridge was constructed in the 1950s, and it crosses over several of the track’s back straightaways. The span from start to finish is about a quarter of a mile. The bridges are quite an engineering marvel because they were designed to bear the weight of the racing vehicles while still providing a safe and comfortable viewing experience for the spectators. The bridges are quite popular because they provide a unique perspective of the action beyond the track itself. The bridges are also quite photogenic and provide endless opportunities for fans to witness some amazing racing shots.

Is The Track Handicapped-Accessible?

The track at Atlanta Motor Speedway is accessible to all, which is quite remarkable given its size. One of the reasons for this is that the track is very wide, which makes for a more comfortable viewing experience for spectators. Another reason is that there is plenty of room for those in wheelchairs, and even those with prams or strollers. It would be an unacceptable affront to the sport if a physically-able person could not enjoy the atmosphere because of some sort of physical limitation. The track is equipped with a variety of amenities, including: wide ramps for easy wheelchair access, ample parking spaces with ample room for RV storage, a completely equipped gym, fully-staffed rest areas with outdoor picnic tables and gazebos, covered walkways and bridges, and much more. The track itself is quite long, which makes it more difficult to pass other vehicles, so there is always plenty of action even if you are watching from the sidelines. It would be a missed opportunity for anyone if this incredible track is not available to everyone just because of some sort of physical limitation. This would send the wrong message to the entire world of motorsport.

Does The Track Have A Light System?

Yes, the track at Atlanta Motor Speedway has a very unique light system, which is both challenging and breathtaking to see. The track is equipped with an array of lights located along the track’s back straightaways, which is quite simply the most iconic element of the entire facility. The lights are quite literally like streaks of paint moving across the night’s sky, and some people have compared them to fireflies because of their seemingly erratic movement. The lighting is quite an amazing spectacle, which makes an already exciting and challenging sport even more so. The lighting system was originally painted on the track’s surface, but after several years it began to peel, which is why the crew covered the entire surface with light bulbs. The bulbs are quite old fashioned now and the track itself has become quite famous for its flashy lighting system because it is such a special addition to the whole shebang.

What Is The Track Surface Made Of?

Even the track at Atlanta Motor Speedway is not quite straightforward because of the varying nature of the surface. The track was originally built with wood blocks, which were surfaced with lime mortar and sand. When motorsport became more mainstream and larger crowds began attending the events, the surface was changed to clay and cinders, which was originally intended to be a temporary solution. The track continues to be maintained and resurfaced with clay throughout the year because of its smooth and consistent riding characteristics. The current track surface also provides a breeding ground for mosquitos, so it is important to keep up with the maintenance and cleanliness of the track surface at all times, even in the summer when the temperatures are quite high. The track surface also gets slippery when wet, which can be quite dangerous especially when competing at high speeds. It is important to recognize the uniqueness of the surface before engaging in any activity that could result in injury because of the changing nature of the material. While it may be tempting to test your skills on the dangerously slippery surface, it would be a mistake to do so, as any kind of injury at this stage in your life may prevent you from ever participating in motor sport again. It goes without saying that anyone who is interested in motorsport would not and should not make this mistake.

How Is The Track Weather-Friendly?

Even the weather at Atlanta Motor Speedway is quite accommodating, which is fortunate for the spectators who have to endure the elements on a regular basis. Because it is in the southern United States, it is quite hot and humid throughout the year. However, it never gets quite as bad as you would think because of the amazing air flow and reflection off the water. It rains more often than you would think and often quite heavily, especially in the summer months. The track is actually located next to a lake and, because of its proximity to the water, it gets heavily winded, making the temperatures a whole lot more comfortable and tolerable for all concerned. While the natural environment around the track is certainly unique and beautiful, it is quite challenging to have a sustainable environment around a place where cars are constantly speeding towards dangerous curves and blind crest-drops. The proximity to the lake and surrounding forest provides some much needed relief for the drivers and spectators alike, which is quite remarkable considering the location is in the middle of the country.

What Is The Track’s Location Coordinates?

Atlanta Motor Speedway’s location coordinates are 35.86 degrees north and 83.97 degrees west, which puts it just inside Georgia. This makes it one of the most southern locations you can get in the middle of the country. It is quite remote, which is fortunate for anyone who is interested in avoiding the crowds and chaos that often accompany grand tours of the big cities. The remoteness also provides a certain level of tranquility that you just cannot achieve anywhere else.

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