How Many Does Bristol Motor Speedway Seat? [Facts!]

Bristol Motor Speedway is an American auto racing track located in Bristol, Tennessee. It is one of the most popular NASCAR auto racing tracks in the country and is the home of the Truck Series, named after the trucks that haul the dirt around the track’s dirt surface. However, the most popular driver at the track is arguably Dale Earnhardt, who won the very first race held there in 1982 and had three more victories before he retired in 2001. Since then, the track has been the home of some legendary drivers such as Geoff Bodine, who won the race that Earnhardt retired from and later won the Winston Cup at Bristol, and Ricky Rudd, who holds the track record for most wins there. The track currently seats approximately 100,000 spectators and has hosted several major NASCAR events, including the 1998 and 2004 World Championships.

The question we need answered is this: how many does the Bristol Motor Speedway seat? Well, the short answer is: it depends. The longer answer is: it depends on the type of event, the type of area you sit in, and a few other factors. To make things simpler, let’s break down the number of seats based on the type of event and location within the track. As before, the short answer is: it depends. So let’s delve into it.

The Track

Bristol Motor Speedway is an oval-shaped track and as such, has four lanes that run the entire length of it. The track measures a little more than a mile in length, making it one of the shortest NASCAR tracks. The banking is at a maximum of 10 degrees, which makes it quite steep in some parts. This is not an easy track to pass on; even if you get into a bit of a tangle, it is hard to get back on track once you are off it. The corners are quite sharp and have a lot of speed. There are many blind corners, which can surprise even the most skilled drivers. It is quite exhilarating to drive anywhere near the stripe because if you make a mistake, you can easily go off the track and hit the wall. Sometimes it feels like a track made for fast cars, and that is something that NASCAR itself seems to believe as they named their premier series – the Sprint Cup – after the cars that race there.

The Grandstands

The grandstands at the track are quite a sight to behold, especially when packed. It is quite a luxury to be able to pay for a ticket and be in the middle of the action, even if you are not a fan of NASCAR. When the grandstands are packed, it is almost impossible to see the track because of the mass of people. In terms of capacity, the track’s grandstands can hold up to 150,000 spectators. As a result, the number of seats at Bristol Motor Speedway really depends on how you want to count them. Let’s explore the different types of areas and see how many seats they have, starting with the most basic.

In the Dirt Track Areas

The main part of the track is made of dirt and has numerous turns and complex layouts. Because of this, the majority of the events there are dirt or mud races. As a result, the areas where you can sit are categorized as such. The good news is that you can buy a ticket and sit in the grandstands or in the infield, which is adjacent to the track. The latter is the more popular of the two options because most of the events take place there.

The Grandstands

The grandstands are located on top of the banked turn and are made of wood or metal. They have four rows of seating with chair backs and are covered by canopies. While it is quite a sight to see the field of cars from the grandstands, it is not something that is included in the cost of normal admission. However, you can buy a parking pass and be parked right next to the paddock. If you want, you can even go inside the grandstand and sit down. As mentioned before, the basic rule is that you cannot sit in the infield; this rule also applies to people who are walking around or standing. So if you want to sit in the grandstands, you will either have to pay to do so or go to the picnic area, which is adjacent to the track. In either case, however, it is quite an experience.

The Endzone

Like the grandstands, the endzones are also located on top of the banked turn, but they are more structured. They are made of wood and have six rows of seating. Unlike the grandstands, the endzones are included in the price of admission. This is because most of the events that take place in the endzones are on the opposite end of the track, beyond the white paint line. So unless you are driving in the race, you are most likely to be found in the endzone, either sitting in the stands or on a metal bench that encircles the area. It is also in the endzones where you will find the souvenir stands, which line the entire area. The closer you are to the track, the more steep the banking is; this results in more turns and more speed. It is probably the most exciting spot on the entire track because of this. Not only that but the view of the cars coming towards you is quite captivating. It is quite an experience to be in the endzone.

The Metal Detector

The metal detector is located just outside the gates and is one of the ways that you can earn free admission to the track. If you go through the gate with a metal detector, you will notice that there is a turnstile where the detector is. You will have to go through the detector and prove that you are not carrying any weapons or illegal substances before you are allowed to enter. The good thing about the metal detector is that it is quite easy to get through, even for people with little kids. This means that most people can get a shot at walking in for free, which is a great way to go.

The Picnic Area

The picnic area is adjacent to the track and is another great place to sit. It too is made up of grassy areas and has a number of wooden picnic tables. If you buy a hot dog, popcorn, and a drink at the concession stand, you will pay just a few dollars; this makes it quite affordable to sit in the picnic area. Most importantly, however, the area is very close to the track and offers great sight lines. The closer you are to the track, the thicker the trees are, which provide better camouflage for the drivers, enabling them to speed by without anyone noticing.

Ticket Vs. All-Access Pass

Ticket and all-access passes are available for purchase at the gate. These are the two most basic types of admission available at the track. The good thing about tickets is that they are very affordable and can be purchased in bulk. The downside is that you cannot bring anything into the track with you, other than your ticket. This also means that you cannot leave anything behind, such as a child’s stroller or bike. On the other hand, the all-access pass entitles you to walk around the track and stand in the endzones. So long as you keep the pass, you are free to go to every area the track has to offer. The downside with this type of pass is that you have to be vigilant about staying inside the white paint lines. It is a fine line between staying and going, and if you do go outside the lines, you have to pay extra for the privilege.

Final Takeaway

Well, now that you know how many seats there are at Bristol Motor Speedway, you might be tempted to sit in the more expensive areas whenever you go. This would be a mistake because the more expensive areas are only available for specific types of events. The most basic rule, which applies to both the infield and the grandstands, is that you cannot sit there if you are not attending the specific type of event for which that area is designated. So if you really want to see NASCAR, you will have to go to a dirt track event. As before, however, getting a close up view of the cars is quite an experience and something that you should not miss if you have the opportunity to do so. This is especially the case if you are on the road to nowhere particular or just want to kill some time before your next appointment.

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