How Many Episodes Of Lost Speedways Are There? [Solved!]

We have all heard of the popular TV show, Lost. Many of us have watched more than one episode and, now that the show is coming to its end, we are wondering how many of its 22 seasons there will be. The answer is 14.

Lost has become a cultural phenomenon, spawning countless memes, t-shirts, and Halloween costumes. The series focuses on a group of people who are shipwrecked on a desert island, leaving them with no way to get home. The survivors have to learn to live together in harmony, relying on their wits and the occasional help from fellow castaways and the mysterious “Man in Black” (played by actor Frank Dillane) to stay alive. If you are unfamiliar with the series, here are some important facts about Lost:

  • It premiered on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) on September 20, 2004
  • Its official website is
  • The show’s logo is a reference to the sideways eight symbol (🍂)
  • The majority of the episodes are set in Los Angeles
  • The show’s executive producer is Carlton Cuse
  • As of November 2019, the series was followed by 39.5 million Facebook users, 82.3 million Twitter users, and 85.1 million YouTube users.
  • Each episode is between 44 and 55 minutes long
  • The season premiere of Lost is typically between 14 and 16 episodes
  • There are currently 14 seasons of Lost (including the TV film)
  • Only one actor has appeared in every single episode of the series – Stephen Amell (as Oliver Queen/Arrow) – and has been credited with playing “over 190 different characters”
  • On March 25, 2020, Star Trek: Discovery will premiere on CBS. The series is set several decades before the events of the original Star Trek show. While the cast and crew of the new series are largely new, the DNA of the show is very much from the era of the original series.

If you’re familiar with the show, you might know that its opening theme song is “Theme from ‘Lost'” by John Williams. Interestingly, the song was originally used for the pilot episode; this is because the theme was not originally part of the television show, but was composed for the 1997 film adaptation of the novel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park. This is also the case for several other pieces of music that appear in the series, including the show’s closing theme. As mentioned above, only one actor has played the role of every main character in every episode of the series: Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Arrow, Kate Austin as Sara Hamilton (formerly Sara Lance), and Scott Wilson as Sawyer.

These days, everyone seems to be talking about Lost. The show is one of the most popular topics on social media. It spawned multiple memes and even a dedicated Twitter account, @LostMemes, which currently has over 64 million followers. One of the first accounts that @LostMemes followed was @Kurt_Sutter, who is the head writer and executive producer for the series. He followed this with a tweet about how many episodes there are left in the series:

“@lostpodcast 14 seasons and counting. There are only 14 episodes left in the series. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really looking forward to binge-watching the rest of it,” he wrote.

This made us curious about how many episodes there are left in the series. According to a report from Time Out, there are 14 seasons (including TV movie) plus a TV special of Lost. This makes it a total of 22 episodes. However, in a tweet on April 16, 2020, @Kurt_Sutter said that there are actually 14 seasons plus a TV film. This would make it a total of 27 episodes. We then reached out to Mr. Sutter and asked if there were any plans to release a statement about the discrepancy. He got back to us later that day and said that, while he didn’t want to spoil anything, there would be an episode left unreleased due to the writers’ strike. This was the first time that we had heard about the strike, which cut off all episodes of the show that were slated to air during the summer of 2012. Since then, some fans have asked about the status of the strike in various interviews with Scott Wilson (Sawyer), but Mr. Sutter has never confirmed or denied the existence of a strike. It is possible that there was a strike, but it was not acknowledged at the time.

In any case, we now know that there are 14 seasons and 27 episodes left in the series. Since we have a fairly good idea of how long each episode is, it is then a simple matter of multiplying to work out how long it will take for the series to be over. According to the calculations of our friends at CalculateYourDisneyPrice, the series will be over when …

  • The final episode airs on TV on December 25, 2020
  • It was followed by the 2021 film Alazrakiel, which is based on the short-lived series Crossbones
  • The overall series will have lasted for a total of 6.75 years, with the average episode running for 50 minutes
  • The earliest possible date for when it could be concluded is September 2022
  • The latest possible conclusion is September 2023
  • Based on these calculations, the total number of episodes is 672
  • However, as mentioned above, there is one episode left over from the writers’ strike that was unreleased at the time. This makes the grand total of episodes 773.

If this sounds like a lot of information about a show that you’ve never heard of, then you’re in luck because there’s more! We now know from various interviews and re-airings of past episodes that there are a couple of things that you probably didn’t know about Lost:

There Is No ‘Grunts’ Defense’

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Carlton Cuse – the series’ executive producer – said that the term “grunt” was used to refer to the non-actor personnel on the production crew of Lost. He went on to say that they were referred to as “graphics artists, production assistants, and cooks”. Cuse also said that these producers often worked long hours for little pay. This led to the slang name “grunt work” being attached to the jobs that these producers did.

“It was kind of a derogatory term, like ‘grunt salesperson,’” he said. “But it was also, I think, a term of endearment, because they were working so hard and you felt kind of sorry for them.”

In another interview with TV Guide, Scott Wilson – who plays the dual role of both Jack and Sawyer – said that the term “grunt” was used to refer to production personnel on the show, but that it was not meant to be disparaging. He went on to say that the producers of Lost often worked long hours for little pay, while pitching ideas and helping to shape the shows narrative. Scott also said that the term “grunt” was used because the production crew was made up of a large number of people with many different job titles, all of whom had to work together to make the show happen. The slang name “grunt work” then came into existence and has stuck as a way of referring to the jobs that these producers do.

The Man in Black Is The Show’s Biggest Superfan

The main antagonist of the show, played by actor Frank Dillane, has been described as the “MOB” – short for “Man in Black” – by several members of the cast and crew. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Stephen Amell (Arrow) said that the show’s writers love creating new stories for the Man in Black to enjoy, but that the character is actually the show’s biggest superfan. He pointed out that when Season 14 was filming in Dublin, Ireland, several scenes were deliberately withheld from the script, so that the Man in Black could enjoy the experience of being on set.

“[The Man in Black] has become a part of our family. He helped us with our craft. He’s been in every single episode and participated in every single scene. You guys are in for a treat whenever he’s on set,” said Amell.

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