How Many Ford Trucks Are At Kentucky Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

Most people are aware of the annual Derby Party at the Kentucky Derby. What many people do not know is that the track also hosts a large Truck Festival. Every year thousands of people from all over the country travel to the Bluegrass State to celebrate this event and take part in the festivities. More than 200,000 people came out to the Kentucky Speedway in 2017 for the 24th Annual Festival, making it the second largest truck festival in North America.

The History Of The Truck Festival.

The origins of the truck festival can be traced back to 1984 when the track’s owner, Mr. Bill Greene, had the bright idea to combine the two. Mr. Green envisioned a gathering of all the truck enthusiast in one place and one place only – the Kentucky Speedway. The first Truck Festival was a huge success and gave birth to an annual event that continues to this day.

The Truck Festival At The Kentucky Speedway.

The truck festival at the Kentucky Speedway is one of the largest in the world. It is located near Louisville, Kentucky and over the years the event has attracted national media attention and acclaim. The festival provides an opportunity to commune with like-minded individuals, celebrate American culture, and feast on deep fried snacks and cold beverages. The food and drink at the truck festival are abundant and priced reasonably. Many vendors offer a ‘deep fried everything’ approach to cuisine and lots of American flags adorn the food trucks. Attendees can bring their children and pets to the festival and enjoy a safe environment, especially with trained security personnel on hand to keep order and keep visitors safe.

What Is A Truckspeeder?

In case you were wondering, a truckspeeder is a person who loves to drive big rigs. While attending the truck festival it would not be uncommon to spot a vehiclespeeder trying to make their way through the crowd. The vehicles are quite a bit larger than average cars and trucks, often spanning two to three stories. The trucks have oversized tires and oversized engines that propel them smoothly through the air. These vehicles take large gulps of gas and smoke like a common car does, but they are absolutely riveting to look at.

Festival Highlights.

The highlight of the festival for many is of course the trucks. The vehicles are massive and look like they could flatten just about anything in their path. The sheer size of the trucks takes your breath away when you spot them in line for the start of the race. You will see drivers side and passenger side, both with wide open doors to allow easy access for people hopping in and out. It is not uncommon for cars or trucks to be bought and sold at the festival as owners come back year after year to celebrate this American invention.

The Layout Of The Racetrack.

The layout of the racetrack is another reason this festival continues to grow. It is a 2.5 mile quad-oval that is banked on the outside and slightly uphill for the majority of the course. This makes it a challenging course for the drivers and plenty of action-packed passes and close finishes are a common occurrence. This year and last year, a ‘Truckster’ division was added making it an 8-turn, 450-yard dash that is open to all truck drivers regardless of what make or model vehicle they drive.

Who Stands Out To You?

Nowadays the trucks are pretty standard. You will not find an RV or a large hauler among the trucks, but there are some interesting vehicles in the mix. A couple of years ago a semi-truck driven by a single African American man named Floyd Clyburn was a part of the line up. He drove a truck that was entirely made of wood, which turned a few heads and garnered him a lot of attention.

What Will The Future Of The Festival Look Like?

As I have already stated, the trucks are a big draw and so is the lifestyle associated with them. However, the evolution of technology has made it possible to attract attendees using new platforms. With increased adoption of TikTok, which is hugely popular among Gen-Z and millennials, the truck festival has taken a hit as the younger attendees prefer to socialize, express themselves, and entertain themselves on this platform rather than go to a conventional social gathering and ‘bonding’ over fried chicken.

Overall Impression.

Overall, I would say the festival is a success. Even with technology evolving and changing how people interact, socialize, and communicate, Mr. Bill Greene’s vision of bringing together everyone who loves trucks has not been forgotten. Thousands of people travel to the Bluegrass State each year to celebrate the versatile American invention and feast on its many delights. The fest is a great mixture of old and new, sharing the enthusiasm for America’s greatest contribution to civil engineering – the automobile.

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