How Many Hours Is Part Time At Speedway? [Facts!]

There are three distinct categories of work at a NASCAR Speedway: (1) the driver’s seat, (2) the paddock, and (3) the booth. You’ll spend the most time in the driver’s seat, working long hours, and you’ll get paid the most. Next, you’ve got the trackside staff, who work more than half the season, and are highly sought after by other teams and race tracks. Then there’s the booth, or commentary, where you’ll sit for the least amount of time, but you’ll get paid the least. Here’s a breakdown of how many hours you’ll work at each location.

Location: Driver’s Seat (This Is Where You’ll Spend The Most Time)

The driver’s seat is where you’ll spend the most (and worst) time at a NASCAR Speedway. Yes, that’s right — the car itself is considered a location, so it’s only fair to say that you’ll spend the most time there. But, you’ll also have the job of bringing in the most money, and that means you’ll be working long hours. On any given Sunday, you’ll be in the car from early in the morning until well after dark. While the hours will be long, the days can still be fun, because at the end of the day, you’re a driver for a living. You’ll get a short break between races, and you’ll have a chance to eat and drink with your pit crew before the next event.

Location: Paddock (This Is Where You’ll Spend The Least Amount Of Time)

Located just outside of the infield, the paddock is where you’ll spend the least amount of time at a NASCAR Speedway. Yes, the teams and their staffs will be working hard to get their cars ready for the big race, but the downtime between events can still be fun because the work itself is less strenuous than in the driver’s seat. In the paddock, you’ll be changing tires, greasing up cars, and dealing with other mechanical issues related to the sport. You won’t have as much responsibility as a driver, but you’ll still be doing important work. And, when the big race arrives, you won’t be as tired as you would if you were sitting in the booth all day long. Your day will still be long, but the action itself will give you a short break from your workday. Still, the pay in the paddock is rather poor, so you might not have much to spend on gas money, especially if you’re on part-time hours.

Location: Booth (This Is Where You’ll Spend The Least Amount Of Time)

Located behind the announcer’s booth, the booth is where you’ll spend the least amount of time at a NASCAR Speedway. Yes, the job itself is rather uneventful, as you won’t be calling the action on TV, but the hours are rather easy to handle. You’ll mostly be sitting in the booth writing race reports for other journalists, or working on your laptop. The only physical activity you’ll be doing is pushing the button that tunes in the radio and raises the volume. Still, you’ll make the most money in the booth. You won’t have the responsibility of driving a race car, and since the work is uneventful, you won’t be doing anything groundbreaking, but you’ll be keeping busy, and that’s what’s important. The only real downside to the booth is that it’s rather boring, and you won’t get to see the same events as the other two categories of personnel.

So, while the hours will be long at a NASCAR Speedway, the days are still rather short, which means there’s not a lot of time for fun. But it’s still a job that you’ll enjoy. Just keep in mind that the more you enjoy your job, the more you’ll produce. And that’s what’s really important. So, while you might not always have the time for fun, you’ll always have the time to make some money. And that means you can have fun. Just remember, the more you make, the more you can have fun. It’s a win-win situation.

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