How Many Laps At Kansas Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

The grandkids spend a lot of time with us at the moment, so the opportunity to take them to a race track is always a bonus. We went to the Kansas Speedway in Olathe, Kansas on Saturday, and even though it was a hot day, we had a ball. Here’s how many laps we did at the famous track:

1st Practice

We arrived at the track early, so we had the opportunity to set up camp pretty much anywhere. We chose the grandstand because it had the best views of the whole track. Our kids loved sitting in the stands and being able to look out at the race unfold. After parking, we made our way into the grandstand. It was already close to time for practice, so we decided to wait until later to find out where our spot was. The kids didn’t really want to wait, so we let them run around in the open. It was such a beautiful day, so we didn’t mind the sun on our backs. After a while, we saw a marshal wave us over to the pit lane. That’s when we found out that we were in the wrong section and should have been in the media section. It’s not even close to our section, but it was cooler, so we didn’t mind.

2nd Practice

Again, we arrived early and set up camp, but this time we were ready to go. We didn’t want to waste any time, so we headed for the front straightaway. That’s when we discovered that a lot of the grandstand roof had been blown off in the previous race, and the track surface was all wet. It created interesting driving conditions, as the rain had just stopped and the track was very slick. We got stuck in a few spots, but we made it to the end. It was very different from our usual weekend drives because we had to be extremely careful not to skid out. We didn’t want to mess up on the first lap any more than we had to.

3rd Practice

We were a little bit worried about this practice session because the track conditions had changed. It started out wet, then dried up. There were patches of dirt and mud that made it very tricky to manage. It was great for the kids, though, because it was somewhere different. The weather was beautiful, so it was an opportunity to open up the car windows and let the fresh air in. It was a great balance of fun and safety. We made it through without too much trouble. It’s such a shame that lap times dropped across the board. The wet conditions and late starting time didn’t help. We couldn’t even get through a lap in second gear, let alone third or fourth. It was frustrating because we’d driven better than that in the past, but it was just one of those days. Practice ended early because of darkness, and we headed for our campsite. It was a long day, and we were tired, but we had a smile on our faces, and that’s all that matters.

Race One

This was the race that we’d all been waiting for. It was the first of the day, and the line was already long. We were so excited to be there because this was the race that we’d been waiting for all year. The kids had loved watching the cars go by during the NASCAR season, and this was the opportunity to see them in action. Our spot was in the media section, so we had an excellent view of the whole race. We could see every turn and every bit of strategy. It was insane, in the best way possible.

The race started off well. It was tight, with cars pushing and shoving all over the place. We were a little worried about our kids, who are still very new to the whole racing scene. It started out fun, but then the pushing and shoving got a little bit too much, and we were concerned about them getting hurt. We kept a close eye on our kids, and Praise the Lord that they were fine. We had a ball, though. The whole family had fun, and that’s all that matters.

Race Two

This was the second race of the day, and we were still buzzing from the action-packed afternoon. It was an opportunity to settle our nerves and have some fun. My son was driving, and we were in the grandstand. It was great to have something different to focus on. The cars this time around were bigger and faster, and it was fascinating to follow them all. There was lots of strategizing going on, and we were able to see what was happening thanks to our good vantage point.

It was a tight race this time around too. There were a few minor fender benders, but nothing too serious. The cars were just so damn fast that it was difficult to keep up. We couldn’t believe how aggressive some of the drivers were. It was like a fight to the death, and that’s exactly what it felt like. It was such an honor to be there and experience something so special. We couldn’t even imagine what it’d be like to actually win, but it’d be worth it just to experience this unique feeling. It was just so exhilarating.

Race Three

This was the final race of the day. We were so happy that it was over. The adrenaline had finally subsided, and we were ready for some well-deserved relaxation. It had been an intense day, but we’d had a ball. We made it through the entire race without any problems, which is amazing considering how fast these cars go. There are only a few spots left at the end, and we’re going for a spot in one of the grandstands. We don’t want to miss a single second of the action. It’s going to be such fun. Just a few more hours, and we’ll be able to sit and recharge. The anticipation is killing us.

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