How Many Miles Is Las Vegas Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

Wells Fargo Travel’s 2017 Road Trip Nationally Adopted Highway Tour showed that people are looking for an escape from reality during their summer vacation – and who wouldn’t? The typical Road Trip participant spends about four hours a day in the car, driving on interstates and getting gas stops, so it’s not like they have much of a social life anyway.

But for those who want to spend a little less time in the car, there are alternatives. One of the most luxurious experiences that you and your family can have on the road to paradise is a stay at a luxury hotel – say, a Waldorf Astoria property – and a day at the race track. Now is the perfect time to plan a visit to the “Most Popular Racing Destination in the Country,” as the city’s tourist guide calls it. Even better, you can use the same credit card to make hotel and track reservations, so it’s really the easiest thing to do.

Las Vegas Speedway – A Brief History

The city of Las Vegas is known for many things – from its mega-casinos to its spectacularly bright lights. But it’s not often that we think of the city as a sport arena. That is, until you mention Las Vegas Speedway, which is responsible for giving the city its nickname, “The Entertainment Capital of the World.”

Las Vegas Speedway was first established in 1919, and though things have changed a lot since then, the speedway still embraces many of its original design elements, like the “hog ring” layout and authentic Pullman cars. The track is most famous for having the first and only zip line – The Cosmo, which shoots you out over the top of the track and gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire action, is a terrifying plunge for the first-time rider.

Every summer, the speedway hosts the World Finals, which is celebrated as the premier event on the IndyCar calendar. If you’re around the sport, you’ll likely have heard of the Indy 500, which is traditionally held each May. But the IndyCar series doesn’t always come to town, so fans have to make the most of the available opportunities, which is exactly what they’re doing this summer. This year, the World Finals will be held from June 11th to 13th.

The Ultimate VIP Experience

It’s not often that we hear about VIP attractions at a standard sports arena. Usually, they’re part of an upscale hotel chain – like the Hard Rock – but Las Vegas Speedway really goes above and beyond, offering fans everything they could want, including front-row seats, access to exclusive areas, and even complimentary food and drink.

The speedway is so confident in its VIP offerings that it even has a name for those who want to make the most of its perks. The track dubs its VIP zone the “Las Vegas Special Event Center.” And that’s pretty accurate, because you won’t find any other venue quite like it. Bringing a luxury hotel gigantitude ensures that every detail will be taken care of, from the limousines that will ferry you to the arena to the butlers who will assist you in the luxury rooms.

How Many Miles Does It Take to Get to Las Vegas?

There are various ways to get to Las Vegas from the nearby town of Henderson, including the Luke Air Force Base, which is less than an hour away. But you’re best served by taking the interstate, which is the most direct route. The drive will take about an hour once you get on the Interstate. If you’re coming from the north or south, you’ll have to take the Interstate to the west, then make a left onto Highway 156 and another left onto Las Vegas Boulevard.

Though the drive will take you a little over two hours, the journey is a lot more luxurious than you’d expect. One thing you’ll notice is how the neon signs along the freeway advertise various hotels. When you reach the outskirts of Henderson, the signs disappear and are replaced by billboards advertising casino resorts and restaurants. There’s also music playing on the radio, but you won’t hear any songs you might know; instead, you’ll hear EDM music, which stands for “electronic dance music.”

A little over an hour later, you’ll be in front of the famous Las Vegas Strip, one of the world’s most famous highways. Though there are traffic jams around this part of the road during the day, the lights at night create a dreamlike scene that’s hard to ignore. Just a few minutes later, and you’ll be in the city. Though the hotels and casinos are not the quiet, small-town establishments that you’d find elsewhere, they are still incredibly luxurious. And that’s what matters most.

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