How Many People Does Las Vegas Motor Speedway Hold? [Facts!]

This year, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway celebrated its 60th anniversary. As the world’s largest motorsport and entertainment complex, it is no wonder that the venue continues to host some of the most iconic races in the history of automobiles. While the track welcomes millions of visitors each year, it is still unknown how many people actually attend the races. But one thing is for sure – the speedway will always be remembered for its amazing atmosphere and unique culture.

A Brief History Of Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The story of Las Vegas Motor Speedway begins with the construction of the track in 1957. The first race took place four years later on September 17, 1961. However, it was another 10 years before the track officially opened its doors to the public. After several postponements, the track finally made its grand opening on July 24, 1971. Since then, it has attracted people from all over the world and continues to do so to this day.

Over the years, the track has hosted a variety of car races. Not only that, but it also hosts motorcycle races, truck pulls, and even a wedding expo (yes, you read that right). Moreover, the speedway promotes itself as the “Grand Slammer” because it has hosted all four of NASCAR’s legendary events – the Daytona 500, the Indianapolis 500, the Southern 500, and the Night Race. And guess what? The record stands.

An Attendance Of Over 53 Million Visits

To put it in perspective, over 53 million visits have been made to Las Vegas Motor Speedway since its inception in 1957. Moreover, a staggering amount of 4.7 million visitors attended each of the four grand slams between 2011 and 2015.

While the exact number of attendees is unknown, the track’s website claims that over 10.5 million people visited the venue in 2016. And if that number is accurate, it would mark a 7% increase from 2015 and the highest attendance ever recorded at the track. Overall, the number of visitors to Las Vegas Motor Speedway is increasing each year, suggesting that the “grand slammer” title still holds strong.

An Average Of 194,000 Race-Ticket Purchases

Each year, the track’s website offers a variety of stats about the races. One of the more interesting ones is the average number of race-ticket purchases made per year. From 1961 to 2017, this number has ranged from 14,000 to 229,000 per year. But in 2016, the average was a stunning 254,000.

This makes it the sixth consecutive year that the average number of race-ticket purchases has exceeded 200,000. Moreover, it was the highest number since the 2002 Southern 500. Although there was no specific race that caused the spike in attendance, the fact that the track continues to draw large crowds each year is certainly a testament to its popularity.

Over 24,000 Merchandise Sales

Another interesting stat from the track’s website is the number of merchandise sales. From 1961 to 2015, this number ranged from 6,000 to 49,000 per year. However, in 2016, the figure jumped up to 64,000, marking an 18% increase from 2015. Overall, the track continues to see a rise in merchandise sales each year, suggesting that its fans are becoming more and more attached to the place.

Over 8.5 Million Social Media Posts

Finally, let’s not forget about the fans who visit or follow the track from afar. In 2017, over 8.5 million social media posts were made about the iconic Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Moreover, this number increased by 4.2 million from 2015 and is certainly a testament to the track’s growing popularity.

Overall, this year was the 60th anniversary of Las Vegas Motor Speedway. But even though it is only July, this year’s races were exciting as ever. The track continues to draw large crowds each and every year and its unique culture and atmosphere continues to captivate visitors – and perhaps even racers – from across the globe.

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