How Many Seats Are At Charlotte Motor Speedway? [Fact Checked!]

The NASCAR Cup Series is one of the most popular racing series in North America and it’s not hard to understand why. The races are extremely popular events and they are held at one of NASCAR’s most iconic tracks, the Charlotte Motor Speedway, located in Concord, North Carolina. The speedway was first opened in 1937 and today it holds the record for the longest continuous night of racing in history. In 2019, the speedway will be celebrating its 75th anniversary which is quite an accomplishment.

As well as being one of NASCAR’s biggest events, the speedway also hosts a whole range of exhibitions and standalone race meetings throughout the year. The track also regularly stages charity events and community gatherings where local people and organizations can come together and have some fun. Of course, when the track opens in May, it starts up all over again as people search for tickets and plan their itineraries for the coming season.

The Grandest of Them All

The most iconic venue of all is undoubtedly the grandstands. Located on each side of the track, the grandstands were first built in the 1960s and they have since become a permanent fixture at the speedway. There are four main sections of the grandstands. In the front, there are three rows of wooden stadium style seating protected by a roof. The middle section is a little more traditional with metal bleachers and the last section is a combination of the two. All four of these areas held around 85,000 people back in the 1960s and today they can comfortably accommodate around 110,000 spectators. In the back are executive boxes and luxury suites that offer even more superb views of the action.

The Track Is Familiar Ground For Most

It’s only natural that most NASCAR fans would know exactly where they are sitting in the grandstands. After all, this is one of the iconic tracks where the sport was born. The track is also home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame which was built in 2014. The speedway celebrates its 75th anniversary next year and the Hall of Fame is a great place to commemorate the occasion. This year, the Hall of Fame will also hold a special exhibition on the occasion of the anniversary which will feature many of motor speedway’s greatest racing champions of all time.

The infield at the track is also something to behold. The speedway’s design incorporates a natural grass surface and stone walkways which give it a distinctive look. During the baseball season, the surface is ideal for hosting games as it is perfectly flat and has lots of space. The stands behind home plate were once temporary and they were built in a hurried fashion in the 1980s. However, the surface has kept its charm and today it is a regular part of the track. In 2019, the infield will hold a special commemorative 75th anniversary logo which will be displayed on the front of the stands. This year, the speedway will also be holding a whole series of exhibitions and standalone meetings throughout the year which are open to the public. Most of these are charity events where local organizations and sporting clubs can come together and have some fun.

Finally, the track has a museum located next to the grandstands. The museum honours the history of the sport and contains many historic cars and memorabilia from the past. The museum also regularly hosts special exhibits and educational panels where fans can learn more about the sport and its history. In conclusion, if you’re ever in North Carolina, then the Charlotte Motor Speedway is a must-see. The track has a unique atmosphere and it brings out the kid in everyone.

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