How Many Seats At Daytona International Speedway? [Expert Review!]

Daytona International Speedway is one of the most recognized racing circuits in the world, having established itself as one of the premier tracks in the United States well over half a century ago.

The track regularly hosts some of the biggest names in motorsport, with several grand prix wins and championship titles to its name. In addition, the 2.5-mile oval has hosted numerous famous NASCAR races over the years, with average attendance regularly topping 100,000 per event.

Now, imagine my delight when I found out that there were actually multiple seats available for me and my husband on a Monday night in May. The day after the wedding ceremony, which took place at the beginning of the month, to be exact. We both have a lot of family and friends in Florida, so we made the decision to fly down for the weekend. Besides, we were looking for a relatively cheap and accessible way to travel for the first time since our honeymoon, which was two years ago. We had a wedding anniversary to celebrate too, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

I looked at a variety of options for flights the day before our departure, trying to find the most economical one. After a couple of hours on the computer, I found the perfect match. You may be wondering why I was so focused on finding the best price. Simply put, it’s because I want to make sure that we get good value for our money when we travel. Besides, we’re already familiar with the airport and it’s layout thanks to our visits for the Walt Disney World Speedway grand prix in 2015 and 2017. The former took place in early May and the latter in late May, so we were looking for the best possible deal for the latter. In the end, we ended up paying less for a flight the day before our wedding anniversary than we would have paid for the following Tuesday.

Getting To The Speedway

We arrived at the airport and took the monorail to the airport terminal. From there, we took a van service the rest of the way to the hotel. It was a straight shot down I-4 in the direction of downtown Orlando. Once we reached the outskirts of the city, the road became fairly quiet. The closer we got to the hotel, the more signs began to appear for Daytona International Speedway. Finally, we turned off the highway and onto a small street that ran directly in front of the hotel. It was here where we had to say goodbye to our lovely son, Oliver, who was departing for a school trip to Madrid the next day. We had already spent more time in the airport than I had imagined, so we decided to head to the hotel’s check-in desk to get our bags and check in.

Once we were checked in, we walked across the street to the pool area. It was already mid-afternoon by then, and we wanted to get our swimsuits on and take a dip before heading to our room for a couple of hours of rest. Since we were on the west coast, it would be another couple of hours before daybreak and we wanted to make the most out of our swimsuit season. To our delight, the sunset was beautiful and the pool area was empty, so we took advantage of the quiet time to change into our swimsuits and head to the adjacent beach for a swim. It was already getting chilly and, while the water was still warm, we decided to return to the hotel for some warmth. We needed to rest after all our travel and activities over the last few days, so we headed to our room for an early night’s sleep. As I lay in bed, I could hear the sound of waves crashing against the beach. It was a beautiful scene, especially considering how late it was.

The Grand Prix

On Thursday morning, we were up early to watch the sunrise from Ocean Beach. It was an amazing sight. The whole beach was bathed in a beautiful golden light. The waves were crashing against the shore and the breeze was blowing gently. It was truly a breathtaking experience and something that we won’t soon forget. After our early morning excursion, we checked out of the hotel and took a taxi to the airport. This time, we boarded a different plane and headed for Daytona International Speedway. My goodness, how different it felt this time around! It was like a whole different airport. The atmosphere was more relaxed and there wasn’t a nervous flyer in sight. We made our way to the check-in counter and took our time, filling out the forms and answering a few questions before the flight was called. Finally, we sat back and relaxed, waiting for the flight to be ready to board. It was a much more enjoyable experience overall. We made our way to the gate and took our seats. The flight was delayed by a few minutes, which meant we got to watch some TV and use the airplane’s WiFi. Once we landed, we took a bus to the circuit. On the way, we passed the airport again. It looked exactly the same as we remembered it from the air – a massive runway and a variety of small single-story buildings. We were getting closer and closer to our destination, so we could feel the tension starting to mount. We paid for our parking and entered the circuit. It was eerily quiet and almost seemed like a ghost town. Nevertheless, we found our way to the paddock area and got out of the bus. There was a variety of cars and trucks, some in various states of preparation, parked in neat rows. We found our way to the paddock where the owners and drivers of the various vehicles were congregating before the start of practice. It was here where we were greeted by a variety of people, including Kevin Harvick and other drivers and their teams. We talked to a few drivers, exchanging pleasantries and getting to know each other better. After a while, it was time for us to continue to our respective teams’ hauler. It was from there that we would head to the track for the official start of the season. We had a few hours to kill, so we decided to walk through the village and take a look at the shops and restaurants. It was an unforgettable experience. The shops were all closed and the restaurants weren’t offering food, so we sat down on a bench and watched the sunset. It was beautiful!

Daytona International Speedway, Population 5,000

The next couple of hours were spent on our respective teams’ hauler drives to the track. Once we were there, we found our way to the hospitality area and checked in. We headed to the bathroom to change, taking our time and being careful not to rush. Once we were done, it was time to get ready for the actual racing. Practice had already started when we arrived. We hung around for a while, getting a good view of the track and its layout, until the crews cleared the track and we were able to go and check out the paddock area. It was another case of getting out of the van and walking to our seats. We were pretty far back, so it didn’t take us long to reach them. The stands were already filling up, so it was time to shed our safety belts and wave to our friends and family in the grandstands. It was an exciting moment for both of us. My husband has been a racing fan ever since he was a child and used to spend his summer vacations watching his uncle Bobby Labonte and his family at local North Carolina tracks. This was a long time coming for him. He kept saying that he would finally get to see a NASCAR race and meet a variety of famous race drivers in person. Well, here we were, about to get our first glimpse of NASCAR in action.

The first practice session was rained out, so the teams and drivers headed for the paddock area. During the race, we were able to get a variety of drinks and food, as well as plenty of parking, so we made the most of it. Before we knew it, the checkered flag waved and we found ourselves drowsy in the seats. Suddenly, it was over. Our time at Daytona International Speedway was just about up. We got a good night’s sleep and had a busy day planned for the following morning. We were going to make the most of our last couple of days in Florida and head back to Michigan, where we both live, in the evening. We had one more race to attend, before we headed home, so we made the decision to drive directly there after we dropped off our daughter at her college. It was a busy, but fun, couple of days. We will be back next year for more sun and possibly a lot more races!

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