How Many Seats At Talladega Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

Most people who have traveled to Alabama for any reason have probably noticed the Talladega Speedway. If you have ever seen the Fast and the Furious movies, you will probably know what it is. For those curious, Talladega is located in northwestern Alabama, about an hour north of Mobile. With over 200 years of history, the speedway has been home to many great races and even more great drivers. It is probably most famous, though, for the “Talladega Superspeedway,” the name of the track that appears in the movies. If you have ever been there, you know how exciting it can be to watch a massive field of cars race at top speeds. It is definitely on the bucket list of any race fan. In this article, we will discuss the seating arrangements at Talladega.

Standing Room Only

Like many other sports venues in the United States, the grandstands at Talladega were built during the 1980s, but the track’s grandstands were never expanded in size. In fact, they were built to hold just 200 people per race. These days, the capacity of the stands drops down to about 160 since many tracks, including Talladega, have started limiting the number of people who can stand and cheer in the stands. In order to get a good view of the action, people are forced to choose between sitting or standing and often times opt for the latter. The standing area can be found behind the last row of grandstands and the area is usually full of people who have come early to get a good spot. This can lead to dangerously tight quarters if not managed properly by the track officials. As a result, the standing area is frequently searched by security guards and the like for any type of illegal activity taking place during the races. Even the drivers don’t always feel safe in this area and have complained about it in the past. While standing is the only option at Talladega currently, tracks like Texas Motor Speedway and Tallahassee Speedway have added seats to their grandstands which allow for more convenient viewing for their fans. For now, it seems like the only option at Talladega is to stand or sit and not worry about sharing an area with the people around you.

Seats From The Vinyl Pallet

While most tracks have opted for concrete or wood seating in the past, Talladega has always used vinyl for their seating. This makes it one of the few remaining tracks that still use vinyl for their seating as well as their road surface in some areas. Since the 1980s, though, the material has lost its popularity and is considered outdated compared to other options available today. Still, the track has stuck with vinyl as it is much more affordable than most other options while still providing good value for their customers. While many tracks have switched to individual seats for their fans, Talladega has always stuck with the larger format and saves money by keeping the large group of spectators close together. This has caused issues of overcrowding and traffic gridlock during the events as cars race past and fans jostle for space. With traffic getting worse and worse throughout the Southeast as a result of the pandemic, it is understandable that sports venues like Talladega are struggling to find ways to improve their fan experience.

The ‘Walking’ Red Light District

Talladega is a hub for prostitution, specifically in the area behind the grandstands. As the name suggests, this is where streetwalkers often gather in groups to promote their services. If you happen to be driving through this part of town during nighttime hours, you will undoubtedly see men and women dressed in very revealing and sometimes even scanty clothing. You will also notice that these women seem to be aware of the cameras that are often rolling in this part of town. While this may not be a problem for the average Joe, it can be an inconvenience for the people who work in law enforcement or just want to enjoy a night out on the town without worrying about their safety. Many police officers are trained to look for potential problems in a place like this and will often ask men and women to leave if they feel that there is a problem. If you are planning to visit this part of town during the events, make sure that you abide by all the laws related to prostitution. You should also remember that children live here too so make sure that you watch out for those as well.

No Restraints

Although there are no physical barriers between the spectators at Talladega, the track still enforces a ‘no restraints’ policy for men and women. This means that female attendees must either wear a suitable dress code or avoid displaying any skin in the areas where the spectators are seated. In addition to this, men are asked to keep their shirts tucked in and refrain from displaying any tattoos or other markings on their abdomen. The officials at Talladega have reportedly had problems with disorderly spectators in the past so these dress codes are instituted to keep things orderly and respectful. Still, some people may find them intrusive and insulting so make sure that you check with the track if you are planning to attend an event there. They may have changed the policy recently but you can always find the latest information online. These policies are not meant to discriminate against any one group but rather are there to ensure that everyone can enjoy the events without worry. Of course, this does not mean that there will not be any problems but at least you will know what to expect.

Out-of-Home Viewing

Thanks to the outbreak of COVID-19, the sports world has had to adapt quickly to the new ways that people are looking for entertainment. As a result, numerous tracks have implemented various options for out-of-home viewing. These options allow fans to enjoy the event virtually rather than having to attend in person. The most popular one, as of yet, is the option for fans to tune into the event via the livestreaming option on social media. If you are a fan of a team that is not playing at the moment, you can usually find their games in the sports app or online via a live stream. While this is an incredible option for some sports fans, it does require them to have a smartphone or similar device to access the stream.

The Impact Of Social Distancing

Another major problem at Talladega is the lack of social distancing. For a while, the track had plastic shields between the seats to try and ensure that people were keeping a safe distance from one another but this was never enforced and rarely used. These days, having an empty seat next to you next to a stranger could pose a significant risk of contracting COVID-19. For this reason, the health officials at the track have also urged people to practice social distancing and refrain from attending events at the track if they are not necessary. In addition to this, they have also asked people to consider attending virtual races instead and not fill up the available tickets for the real thing. Even when someone chooses to go to the track rather than stay at home, this can still be dangerous since they are likely to get very close to the people around them. In the end, nobody wants to get the coronavirus but at least taking these precautions is one way of reducing the impact that this pandemic has had on sports and society as a whole. Still, the economic and physical effects will be felt for many years to come and tracks like Talladega will have a hard time attracting fans and guests due to the risks that they pose to public health.

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