How Much Are Cigarettes At Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

While most people are more than content to go to the cinema and spend a few hours watching a film, there is a small but lucrative group of individuals who would rather be doing something else. They may go to the same places as everyone else, but their motivations may be a little different.

For those who enjoy a night out at the races and would rather be at a stadium than a cinema, the following information about cigarette prices at Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be of interest. We have compiled a detailed guide that includes all the necessary data. Be sure to check out our guide to the best prices and promotions at IMS.

Overall Average

Over the years, the average price of a box of 20 cigarettes has risen from $4.10 to $4.26 at IMS. The cost of a pack of 20 has increased by 29 cents over the past five years. In 2020, it was the highest price since 2010. The cost of a single cigarette has increased by 25 cents in that same period.

This isn’t just an issue at IMS. Across the nation, the cost of cigarettes has increased by about 30 cents per box in the past five years. It’s not just about the price of cigarettes either. The taxes that are tacked on at the end of every box are also steadily increasing. Between the higher taxes and the increased cost of production due to the pandemic, it’s easy to see why the price of a pack of 20 is now more than double what it was in 2010.

Cost Per Day

Just because the price of a pack of cigarettes has increased doesn’t mean that the cost per day has gone down. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The cost per day at IMS has increased by $0.02 since 2010. Between 2019 and 2020, the cost per day at IMS was the highest it has been since 2006. Back then, one cigarette cost $0.15, which is the equivalent of about $0.04 per day today. That means it would cost you $0.19 per day today to replace a cigarette from 2010. The only other year that the cost per day was higher was 2008, when one cigarette cost $0.21.

What’s more, in 2020, the cost per day at IMS was 37 cents more than it was in 2019, which was 39 cents more than it was in 2018. This data doesn’t account for any sales or promotions, just the regular price of cigarettes.

Average Consumption

Just because the cost of a pack of cigarettes has increased over the years doesn’t mean that people are smoking less either. The average consumption of cigarettes per day at IMS has actually increased by 11 cigarettes per day since 2010. In 2020, the average consumption was 25.8 cigarettes per day. That’s the highest it has been since 2005, when it was 26.8 cigarettes per day. Back in 2010, it was 24.8 cigarettes per day. This is largely due to increases in the number of youth vaping, which has surpassed actual cigarette smoking among high school students in 2019 for the first time since the 1950s.

While we can’t attribute this to any one factor, it’s important to note that the overall increase in the cost of living has played a key role. The cost of producing a single cigarette has more than doubled since 2010. In addition, there are now more people working remotely, which means they can’t travel as often and thus have to pay more for gas. All these factors have played a part in the increase in average consumption.


As we’ve seen, the cost of a pack of cigarettes has increased at IMS over the past few years. While this isn’t an issue on its own, when you consider the fact that the cost of living has steadily increased along with the price of cigarettes, it does beg the question of whether or not this is a sustainable trend. From 2010 to 2005, the cost of a gallon of gas increased by 66%, while the cost of a pack of cigarettes increased by 123%. Over the same time period, the price of a single cigarette increased by 123%, which is significantly more than the 66% increase for a gallon of gas. This indicates to us that while the cost of living has steadily increased, so has the price of cigarettes. The only question now is whether or not this will continue.

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