How Much Are Fountain Drinks At Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

While the temperature is warming up, it’s time for you to shed those layers and jump into a pool or fountain drink. The perfect way to celebrate the summer season is with a refreshing poolside or at the beach drink. Not only are poolside drinks great for summertime, but they are also the perfect way to make friends. Whether you are at a luxurious hotel pool or an outdoor fountain surrounded by tropical plants and flowers, a drinker is always welcome.

But just how much are these delicious beverages at the popular Indianapolis-based racetrack?

We examined the prices of the drinks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and compared them to the prices at other popular racetracks around the country.


Located just outside of Indianapolis in Bloomfield, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the biggest single-track racetrack in America. With a track length of 2.5 miles, it’s no surprise that this is one of the favorite destinations for thrill-seekers and NASCAR fans from around the country. With over 200 turns, speeds up to 175 mph, and the famous yellow center-striped oval, this is the perfect place to celebrate the excitement of motorcycle racing.

The prices of drinks at the track are extremely high. A 12-ounce draft beer costs just over $8, and a small Bud Light is just under $7. A large bottle of wine can set you back at least $50. A large coke reaches nearly $10, and soft drinks and sweet tea range between $5 and $7. Not only are these prices a little higher than usual, but the prices of food at the speedway tend to be a little higher as well.

It’s a similar story with the restroom signs. One of the more expensive items available at the Speedway is a $1.50 ‘welcome’ sign. You’ll also find $3.50 shower curtains and $3.75 face cloths, which are also on the pricier side. While at other tracks you may find soap for sale for $1, at the speedway you’ll pay $5 for a bar of soap. Most importantly, don’t expect to find a dollar bill on the floor, as it’s not a place that generally offers discounts. Outside of Indiana, the nearest place you can find good value is probably Kentucky, where the prices are a little lower. You’ll find a 10-gallon bucket of ice sells for around $30, which is cheap in comparison to other places.


Although technically not a part of the Southeastern United States, Nashville is often considered part of the same region due to its close proximity to Tennessee. The largest urban center in Tennessee, the city of Nashville is situated on the Cumberland River and is famous for its country music scene and its obsession with all things blue. If you ever want to indulge in some Americana, then Nashville is the place to be.

Just like at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the prices of drinks at the Nashville Sounds’ stadium are pretty high. A 12-ounce beer will set you back just over $7, while a small bottled water is $4. A large cocktail will cost you around $10, and an inexpensive soda like Dr. Pepper will cost you less than $2. While it’s not a bad idea to compare prices across different cities, bear in mind that all of these prices will fluctuate depending on the time of day and day of the week, as well as if it’s a playoff or regular season game.


Founded in 1630, the city of Boston is often called the ‘Patriotic Heart of the American Revolution.’ The longestablished major city in New England, Boston is famous for its bustling streets, its historic blue-ribboned parks, and its culinary scene. If you are visiting the city, be prepared to spend a fortune on drinks. A 12-ounce American Pale Ale from the New England Brewing Company will set you back $7.50, while a glass of wine starts at $12.

The situation isn’t a whole lot better when it comes to the bathrooms. The standard issue U.S. penny won’t be accepted, and it’s not uncommon to find $1.75 shower curtains and $1.75 face cloths on the shelves. While in other parts of the country, you may find a bar of soap for sale for $1, at the Boston Irish Rover, it will cost you $13. You’ll also want to avoid the restroom sign as well, as it goes for $10, and to top it all off, the towels are $2 each. Don’t forget: this is a city that invented the hamburger. What else could we possibly need?


Like its neighbor to the north, Atlanta is often regarded as part of the same region. However, while Boston is a city that was founded on trade, Atlanta was founded on a plantation. The plantation was eventually dissolved, and the city that we know today was born. Since 1871, the city of Atlanta has grown to become the 5th largest urban center in the U.S. and the 27th largest in the world. If you find the right location, you’ll find some bargains to be had. A large bottle of wine is only $4 at the Historic Highnding Hotel, and a 24-ounce beer will cost you just over $5. Although the prices are slightly lower than in some of the other cities on this list, the convenience of finding drinks at a hotel is invaluable. You can get any sort of beverage you want, and you can often find a nice selection of snacks too.

St. Louis

Located in the middle of the Great Plains, the city of St. Louis is often referred to as the ‘Gateway to the West.’ The largest city in the region, it was the 14th largest city in the U.S. before the start of the 20th century. During the time of the American Revolution, the city was the capital of the United States for a short time. Since the Civil War, the city has continued to grow as an industrial center, and many large companies have large manufacturing plants there. If you ever go, be sure to check out the St. Louis Zoo. It’s one of the best in the country.

Just like some of the other cities on this list, the prices of drinks and snacks at the St. Louis Cardinals’ stadium are quite high. A 12-ounce bottle of wine will set you back at least $12, while a large soft drink will cost you $6. A small popcorn will cost you a modest $1.50, while peanuts will run you $2. The cheapest items are the souvenirs. A U.S. penny will buy you a small puck, a pin, or a keychain, while a nickel will buy you a plastic sipper cup and a pack of gum.


The Pacific Northwest has always been a place where people go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Seattle is the most populated city in the region, and it is easily one of the most beautiful cities as well. It is also the largest city in the country to be surrounded by water on all sides. If you ever get to visit this extraordinary place, make sure to spend some time in the water. People there are pretty fond of their water, and while you’re at it, why not join them? They’ll tell you that their H20 is the finest in the world. Just a few things to remember when visiting Seattle: check the weather before you go, as it can be pretty unpredictable, and try to avoid the rainy season too, as the streets can get pretty slippery then.

Like the other cities on this list, the prices of snacks and drinks at the Seattle Mariners’ stadium aren’t bad. A 12-ounce bottle of wine will set you back $12, a small bottle of vodka is $8, and a large popcorn will cost you $2.50. While we don’t recommend visiting the city during the offseason, the prices are much more appealing then. The tickets to see the Mariners play are also much cheaper then, ranging from $30 for a low-level seat to $45 for a box, depending on the opponent.

Los Angeles

The City of Angels boasts a population of over 4.5 million people, making it North America’s second largest metropolitan area after New York City. The name ‘Los Angeles’ comes from the Spanish word for ‘the angels.’ It was originally established as a ranching community in 1781, and it wasn’t until 1912 that it officially became a city. The city is home to many famous faces – the singer Madonna, the actor Tom Hanks, the musician Elton John, and the director Steven Spielberg, to name just a few. If you’re visiting the city, then you’ll want to make sure to visit the Hollywood Sign, the Walk of Fame, and the Kodak Theatre too.

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