How Much Are Nascar Tickets At Texas Motor Speedway? [Fact Checked!]

There is no question that stock car racing is one of the most popular sports in the country. From coast to coast, you’ll always find some place where someone is talking, eating, or competing in some form of automotive sports. Most of the time, these places are called “fan zones,” and they are located at the venues where the races are held. From the humble beginnings of Daytona Beach to the excitement of Talladega, these areas of dedicated fandom are a testament to the appeal of the sport.

At least since its inception in the early 50s, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing has been known for its annual summer season, the “sprint season.” While the “winter season” consists of fewer races and takes place mainly in colder climates, the “summer season” is when the cars and gearheads come out en masse. With an abundance of long days and warm temperatures, it is no surprise that fans are more than eager to attend the races that take place during this time of year.

This year is no different, and with Nascar being one of the most popular sports leagues in the country, it should come as no surprise that prices for the most popular Nascar events have increased. Here are some general prices for Nascar events at various NASCAR venues:

2017 Nascar Tickets

The most popular Nascar races this year will take place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. One of the most historic tracks in all of sports, Dallas’ Arlington Motor Speedway has been the host of many memorable racing moments, from the first race there to the inaugural World Championship (then known as the World 600). As the 2018 season approaches, tickets will go up in price yet again as the track, which is owned by the same group that owns the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, seeks to increase revenues.

Another highly popular race this year will take place in the city of Houston. The Houston Astrodome is home to the largest domed stadium in the country and will play host to one of the most historic championships in all of sports. As with most years, tickets for the Houston Astrodome events will go on sale this coming winter, and prices ought to follow suit.

2018 Nascar Tickets

With the addition of another track, Eldora, as well as two new races, the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Kansas Speedway, to the 2018 season, fans will have their pick of a variety of great events to attend. The Atlanta area will also be home to some great races, as well, with Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where the Super Bowl is held, being the latest venue to host Nascar events. It’s going to be a great season, and fans are going to have their pick of a variety of great events.

2019 Nascar Tickets

For the third year in a row, the Atlanta area will be home to some great races. Perimeter Sports Park, where the majority of the NASCAR events are currently held, is one of the newest and, most importantly, one of the largest venues in the country. Last year, it hosted the AAA Motorcycle Championship, so it’s already established itself as a premiere racing venue. As for the season itself, with the addition of two more tracks, ISM Raceway and Gateway Motorsports Park, fans can look forward to great events in the Midwest.

2020 Nascar Tickets

It’s been a while since the last increase in ticket prices at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but with the pandemic temporarily taking priority over track activity, it seems that this year will be a bit more affordable. While the IMS organizers had to postpone the entire season, they have since announced that the ticket prices will remain at their current level.

What Types of Events Will There Be at the Speedways?

The major leagues in professional sports have implemented various measures to keep fans engaged and entertained during the current pandemic, and NASCAR has taken the initiative to reschedule and add more events. With the advent of the summer season and the opportunity to go to the parks and open spaces, the demand for outdoor sports has increased, and NASCAR has responded by adding more road races. While this certainly is a positive development, it does mean that fans will have to adjust their travel plans and make more frequent visits to the ticket windows.

As before, the most iconic venue will be the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which will host the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day weekend, as well as the annual Racing Festival, which includes the famous Brickyard Grand Prix.

In the Southern United States, the majority of the NASCAR races will take place at the various speedways in the region. While the dates for these events have yet to be announced, expect them to take place between June and October.

As for the northern and western United States, fans will need to check the Nascar website for updates regarding the locations of this year’s races. However, the last few years have seen the locations change as a result of the new sport administration’s efforts to keep fans in the know regarding upcoming events.

What Are The Most Popular Rides At The Speedway?

Since opening in 2007, the Auto Transport Dome has become one of the more prominent structures at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Designed as a tribute to the automotive industry, the transport dome serves as a centerpiece to the racetrack and serves as a place where cars can be showcased, sponsor banners can be hung, and merchandise can be sold. This year, the transport dome will be open for the entire duration of the Indy 500, so fans are able to enjoy its unique and extensive collection of rides whenever they visit the track.

Since the inception of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, fans have been able to visit the Daytona Beach Race Course. Located in the heart of winter in the Southern United States, Daytona is one of the warmest tracks in the country, which makes it the perfect place for fans to take a dip in a pool after the racing is done.

With all the measures put in place to ensure the safety of fans and participants during the pandemic, the number of people attending sports events has diminished significantly. Still, the owners of the various tracks would like to see casual fans return and be able to attend their events. One way they can do this is by increasing the prices of the tickets, so casual fans may no longer be able to attend. The good news is that as the economy slowly tries to rebuild, more affordable options will emerge, and fans can look forward to going to their favorite tracks once more.

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