How Much Caffeine In 16 Oz Coffee Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

Ever wonder how much caffeine is in a 16-ounce cup of Joe? Wonder no longer because we have the answer for you right here.

Let’s do some quick math. Say you’ve got a 16 ounce coffee cup in your hand. Now, imagine holding a 20 milligram (mg) caffeine pill in your other hand. The caffeine pill’s equivalent in caffeine is 1.8 mg. Now, you’ve got a combination of 1.8 mg of caffeine together with 16 mg from the coffee. That’s a total of 28 mg of caffeine. Not bad for one cup. Want more? Keep reading!

Counting Caffeine

Coffee is among the top five most commonly consumed beverages worldwide, second only to water. With coffee consumption comes a variety of flavors, some of which may have caffeine in them. This article isn’t about those types of coffee, but it is about caffeinated coffee so we’ll have to count that too. We don’t want to double count, but it’s the best way to keep track of everything.

To begin with, we’ll need to identify how much caffeine is in one 16 ounce cup of coffee. This varies from brand to brand, but it typically ranges from 80 to 130 mg per cup. Now, we’ll need to account for the size of the serving. A standard (12 ounce or ½ cup) coffee mug will hold about 10 oz or roughly 160 ml. That’s the same as a standard 16 ounce coffee cup. We’ll round up and call it a 15 ounce cup. This is a common size and quantity for a coffee mug. So, if you’re drinking coffee out of a mug, you’re getting the equivalent of about 130 mg of caffeine per cup. Want to try a new flavor? You’ll have to wait a few minutes so that the caffeine from the old cup has had a chance to dissipate.

How Much Caffeine In A 20 Milligram Caffeine Pill?

If you’ve got a sensitive stomach or are trying to avoid caffeine altogether, you might choose to take a 20 milligram caffeine pill instead. A 20 milligram caffeine pill has the same caffeine content as a 16 ounce cup of coffee. However, this type of caffeine is more soluble and is easier for the body to metabolize. This may mean that you feel the effects of caffeine more quickly. Especially if you’ve got a sensitive stomach, it’s probably a good idea to take a smaller pill. Remember, smaller = faster! If you’re going to be taking the pill anyway, there’s no reason to make it a big one.

Summing It Up

In summary, if you’re drinking a cup of coffee, you’re getting the equivalent of at least about 130 mg of caffeine per cup. If you’re going to be taking the pill anyway, it’s probably best to take a smaller one.

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