How Much Did 7 Eleven Pay For Speedway? [Updated!]

The new year has brought with it many changes. One of the biggest changes was the rebranding of 7 Eleven. With the brand new identity came a new logo and a new slogan: “Fueled by Coffee, Convenience And Community.” From a coffee shop named after a 7 Eleven store in Austin, Texas, to a coffee company and even a convenience store, the rebranding signaled a major shift in direction for the coffee shop.

While the coffee shop was a popular spot for customers, it still had a lot of growing up to do. As the name would suggest, the coffee shop was located in an old 7 Eleven store. When the coffee shop opened in 2016, it was the largest coffee shop in Austin, with over 30,000sqft of space to itself. The coffee shop was designed to bring the store’s unique, artisanal coffee culture to life. With large communal tables and painted wooden floors, it offered an inviting atmosphere for those who wanted to get away from their desk jobs for a while and meet up with friends. Many coffee shops have closed in the capital over the past year, as more people work remotely. This has undoubtedly affected business at the 7 Eleven café.

The coffee shop was successful because of its unique selling point. It specialized in unique coffees that were not available elsewhere. The coffee shop also had a buy one, get one free offer, which was often activated through the use of a loyalty card. The offer was popular, so much so that it was hard to keep the tables filled. However, as more people work remotely, the buy one, get one free offer could be a problem. The coffee shop has now adapted to the way people use it. While the special offer still applies, the shop no longer requires customers to come in person to use it. Many coffee shops have closed down in the area, due to the pandemic, so there is less competition. The coffee shop has also stopped taking online orders, as only around 10 people a day used that option. Those who do use it, have to park a little bit further away because there is nowhere to sit in the shop. The coffee shop has adapted to the way customers want to consume it, but it still faces a lot of the same challenges as other traditional coffee shops.

Is The Coffee Shop Worth Visiting?

The coffee shop is one of the most iconic coffee shop/ eateries in Austin and has been around for a long time. It has had many famous faces walk through its doors over the years, including Townes Van Zandt and Willie Nelson. If you are a fan of the musicians, then you should visit the coffee shop in person. The coffee shop offers a great atmosphere for people who want to get away from their desks for a while and meet up with friends. Those who want to sit in the café for a couple of hours and work will find the shop much too lively. There is also an amazing craft beer selection on hand, which goes nicely with a coffee or meal. The coffee shop is definitely worth visiting if you are in the capital.

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