How Much Dirt To Cover Bristol Speedway? [Fact Checked!]

This is a question we get asked a lot. A lot of people want to know how much dirt is actually necessary to cover the Bristol Motor Speedway (BMS). Well, let’s take a look, shall we?

The Basics

BMS is one of the biggest motorcycle racing venues in the world. It is located in Bristol, Tennessee, which is not too far from Nashville. This is one of the most historic sports venues, having first held motorcycle speedway races in 1947. Each year, the track hosts several different racing series, including the Monster Energy Supercross, World Championship Series (WCW), and the ARCA National Series (ARCA).

The track is actually made up of two elements. The first is the banking, or the walls that the cars and motorcycles mount up on while racing. The second is the infield, which is made up of the area inside the walls that the cars and motorcycles drive in. There is also the catch fenced area at the start/finish line, which is known as the pit area.

The Question: What Is The Maximal Amount Of Dirt I Should Bring?

So, how much dirt do I need to bring to cover the Bristol Speedway? The answer to that question is different for each type of racer. For example, the top priority for a Monster Energy Supercross rider is getting through the entire race without too much dirt being thrown up by their tire. On the other hand, an ARCA race car driver’s goal is piling up enough dirt to completely block out his surroundings so that he cannot be seen by the spectators. The point is, you have to figure out what it is that you are trying to accomplish and then work your way from there. Keeping all of that in mind will provide you with the proper amount of dirt for your needs. Remember, dirt is all around you; it’s not just about the track!

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Truck?

Another question we get asked a lot is how much does it cost to rent a truck? Well, it really depends on what kind of truck you want to rent and how much time you need to get the job done. We are always surrounded by dirt, so we need to cover our cars and ourselves in it. Sometimes we need a small pickup truck for a couple of hours, other times we need a medium or large one for the entire day. It’s all about how you want to arrange your schedule. Also, you need to ask yourself, how much time do you actually have? The price for a day plus travel time usually ranges from $100 – $150 per day. You can’t always count on the cheapest option, as there are usually other vehicles with more amenities and features, which means higher prices. But, if you are looking for an affordable option, smaller trucks usually work out great because there is less weight to haul. So, keep all of that in mind when you search for the best possible deal. Remember, time is money, and you want to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Just keep all of those things in mind and you will be fine.

Do I Need To Layer The Dirt Or Can I Just Go With One Kind?

Many people think they can just walk up to the gate and spread some dirt on the area. But, that is not always the case. The soil at BMS is extremely heavy and sticky, especially along the edges. It takes a lot of time to break that dirt down and flatten it out to make it just right for racing. For that very reason, we always suggest you layer the dirt or use a product like DAP. That way, you really know that your surface is ready for racing before you start using the track.

There are a lot more variables to take into account when it comes to renting a truck for a dirt-job at BMS. But, these are some of the basics. Hopefully, this information will help you out when trying to figure out how much dirt to bring to the next location. If you have any other questions about the logistics of dirt-jobs or any other question at all, feel free to contact us through our website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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