How Much Does A Speedway Rider Earn 2016? [Fact Checked!]

Doing some research about 2016, it seems like quite the year for stock car racing. There were a lot of big changes, but for the most part, racing fans can’t be happier. The fans have voted with their wallets and shown the industry that they want more excitement and higher-quality events. This is probably because of the rise of eSports and the popularity of fantasy racing games. It’s also likely because of the introduction of new racing regulations in 2016. Let’s take a quick look at how much a stock car racer makes in today’s economy.

What Does A Stock Car Racer Do?

It would be best to think of stock car racing as a combination of NASCAR, IndyCar, and F1. The racing industry has shifted to accommodate eSports and new fans. The cars and tracks have become more exciting, the competition has increased, and the fan experience has improved. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the pay scale. For better or worse, stock car racing has always been a stepping stone to bigger and better racing opportunities. Even the best drivers start out driving whatever is the cheapest, because the pay isn’t that great. The lower you are on the totem pole, the worse your pay is going to be. In the grand scheme of things, stock car racing has always been a way to make a living, but today it’s a lot more than that. It’s a profession—a way of life for some, and a passion for others.

The Risks Are Great, But The Rewards Are Amazing

The rewards for being a stock car racer are great, but there are some significant risks involved. First off, you have to be really good at what you do, and chances are you aren’t. People who are naturally gifted tend to have a better shot at being fast, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will. There are also a lot of risks associated with getting injured while racing. You’re constantly driving fast, and anything can happen. People get sick of this every year, but injuries and health risks are an inevitable part of the job. You are always putting your life in danger, and that’s an occupational hazard that you have to accept. Last but not least, there’s the financial risk of being a stock car racer. You have to be really smart about how you spend your money, or else it’s going to be hard to make ends meet. It’s not uncommon for drivers to get into debt, just because they spend so much money on motorsport and live such a lavish lifestyle. In the end though, all of these risks are worth it, because the rewards for being a stock car racer are so excellent. You will be able to travel the world and compete in some of the biggest events, all because of how you handled your money back in the day—before the economy took a nosedive.

How Much Does A NASCAR Driver Earn?

Let’s take a quick look at how much a NASCAR driver earns, using Kurt Busch as an example. He has been a prominent face in the NASCAR community for years, and has actually won several championships. He is also a very wealthy man, and owns several businesses and properties, which he rents out. He’s pretty much living the dream, and it’s all thanks to his skill and drive on the track. He has been compensated well for his efforts over the years, and now earns around $30 million per year—not bad for a guy who started out driving for free (because he was a juvenile delinquent).

How Much Does An IndyCar Driver Earn?

IndyCar is considered by some to be the pinnacle of stock car racing. The cars are faster, more detailed, and more exciting to watch, and the competition is much more stiff, which makes for great entertainment. It’s pretty lucrative too, with around 125 drivers pulling down a six-figure salary. There are some exceptions, such as James Hinchcliffe and Conor Daly, who consistently earn around $25,000 per month, because they are driving for lower-tier teams. The top earner in the IndyCar community is Andretti driver Alexander Rossi, who makes around $34 million per year—which is a lot of money for a driver of his caliber. He owns several businesses, including a craft brewery, and is considered a wealthy man, because he understands the value of investing in real estate. Being an IndyCar driver is a dream job for many, but it takes a lot of hustle and some financial planning, just to make it there. Still, it’s one of the best jobs in the world, if you can grab it. Just make sure you are not solely relying on income from racing, because it won’t always be there. You might have to look for side jobs to supplement your income, because there are a lot of expenses that come with being in the top tier of motorsport.

How Much Does A Formula One Driver Earn?

Formula One is considered to be the ultimate expression of motorsport. It’s extremely prestigious as well, winning competitions around the world and bringing in the big bucks. It’s not uncommon for drivers to earn around $16 million per year, which is a six-figure salary. This is made up of their salaries (which are high), winnings (which are high), and bonuses (which are high). Most people only get to experience Formula One once in their lifetime, which is why it is considered a bit of a lottery, to become a professional driver. It’s a very glamorous job, with many high-profile drivers, but it is still a job, and it isn’t for everyone. You need to have enough talent, and you need to be able to handle the pressure that comes with driving for a prestigious team. It is definitely a career that requires a lot of hard work and dedication, just to make it to the top level—the good news is that once you’re there, the opportunities are endless. There are lots of teams that will give you a chance to prove yourself, and it’s an excellent place to be. The downside to being a Formula One driver is that you’ll most likely need to drive for a team that is based in the UK, to be able to get professional coverage and attend the biggest events—otherwise, you’ll only get to race in smaller, less prestigious events, which don’t bring in the big bucks. This is also probably because the teams that can afford to spend big on drivers, will instead go for top-tier veterans, who they know can get the job done, without risking too much in terms of quality. The danger of getting into debt is also very high, because a lot of these drivers rely on bonuses, and if they don’t get them on time, there will be serious consequences. Finally, there is the issue of your health. The stress and strain of driving at such high speeds for long periods of time can certainly take its toll. It is not uncommon for Formula One drivers to get sick a lot, because it is a very physical job. Some people even think that it is worse than being a boxer or a hockey player, because it uses so much of your body, and it’s constantly changing position. The good news is that the sport has taken steps to ensure the safety of the drivers, and the cars have also gotten a lot more advanced, so it’s less likely that you’ll get injured now, than it has ever been before. Still, it’s not an easy job, and it’s definitely not for everyone—especially those who aren’t cut out for it, psychologically. It takes a lot of dedication, and a lot of hustle to get to the top, and most people who are there, don’t want to give it up. They would rather die than let someone else take their place. Once you’re there, though, it’s a very good place to be, because the opportunities are endless. For those who love to drive and take risks, it’s the perfect job—you will travel the world and drive in some of the biggest competitions, just because you were good enough. It will fulfill your wildest dreams, and it’s something you should definitely think about, if you meet the right people and have the right support network.

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