How Much Does It Cost To Tour Daytona Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

For many, the appeal of a trip to Daytona is not just the racing—though that’s a big part of it—but everything around it: the beaches, the crystal-clear water, the sun and the sand. It really is the perfect place for a vacation, especially with kids. If you and your family are looking for a new place to visit this year, why not consider Daytona? It might be a bit far to travel all the time, but when the season is over, you can have a glorious vacation in the place you love most.

The Cost Of A Ticket To The Races

If you want to attend one of NASCAR’s biggest events, you’ll need to shell out a bit of cash. A ticket to the Daytona 500 will set you back at least $250, and you’ll need to be there on race day to see it. The good news is that hotels and restaurants nearby take the worry out of paying for meals as well as putting a dent in your wallet. You’ll spend a fortune in gas, but it’s worth it.

There are ways around this, of course. You can buy a grandstand pass for the Daytona 400 or the Daytona 200 for $60 that will get you into the grandstands and give you free access to all the races. This option gives you the chance to see the entire race schedule without having to pay for individual tickets. It’s still pricey, but it’s a fraction of what you’d spend otherwise. You’ll also be saving money on meals and gas. It’s well worth it in the end.

What Is The Cost Of A Trip To The Tours?

There are a number of ways to enjoy a trip to the Daytona 500 and to get your money’s worth. One option would be to take one of the tours nearby. These will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the races are run as well as take you around the track. You can do this on a bus tour or an open-top bus tour. Both are viable options as far as getting around goes, but the former will give you the chance to get off the track and walk around a bit. It will also give you a bird’s-eye view of the track, which you might love or hate, depending on your personal preferences. The latter will give you a better feel for the track as you drive around it. The downside is that it’s not the most pleasant of experiences, especially if it’s hot outside.

Another option is to rent a car. This will eliminate all worries about getting around and give you the freedom to do as you please. You could drive off to nearby Sea World, visit some of the shops in downtown Daytona or take a cruise around the bay. There are countless things to do in the area, so you’ll never get bored on a trip to Daytona.

If you want a cheaper option, consider taking the monorail to the top of the mountain. From there, you can catch a bus or walk to the beach. It’s a scenic, if not overly-touristy, walk that will give you a beautiful view of the entire city and its attractions. You’ll be able to see some of the best spots for the races, as well as the rest of the city, all from above.

How Much Does It Cost To Stay At A Hotel?

There are numerous places to stay in the Daytona area. The best part is that most of them are incredibly affordable. The Grand Hotel Daytona is one of the most luxurious places in the area, yet it’s more than fair to say that you’ll stay there more than a few times during the year. It’s close to the airport, so it’s a perfect place to be when you’re arriving from a trip or if you’re departing soon after. You’ll love the fact that it’s a full-service hotel that provides everything you might need, from a golf course to a pool to a spa. It’s a great place for a relaxing swim and a hearty meal, as well. There are plenty of other four- and five-star resorts nearby that will make you feel right at home.

How Much Does It Cost To Eat At A Restaurant?

There are numerous restaurants in the Daytona area, and just about all of them are affordable. If you want to eat at one of the top spots in the area, you’ll need to make a reservation well in advance. It’s the best option for those wanting to make sure they get a table when they want one—and they’ll want one most of the time, especially if they’re fans of the sport. It’s also a good option for those wanting to avoid the rush-hour traffic that plagues the city on the weekday. It really is the perfect place for a bite to eat, and it’s close to several wonderful NASCAR tracks. This makes it a hotspot for fans of the sport. If you’re looking for an iconic American restaurant with a unique atmosphere and delicious food, you can’t go wrong with the Rusty Anchor.

There are other chain restaurants and fast-food joints nearby that are more affordable, but for many, the draw to the Rusty Anchor is that it’s a local spot. This means that most of the people there will know your name, which is a thrill for a visitor. It will give you a taste of the local culture and a way to connect with new friends. You can’t beat that.

It’s not just about the cost of the various attractions and activities in and around Daytona. This city is famous for its shopping, and this is where you’ll want to be, regardless of the dollar value of the souvenirs you buy. There are plenty of five-star stores and mall offices nearby that you and your family can enjoy. You can also use your smartphone’s GPS to find the best bargains and find new places to explore that you might otherwise miss. There’s a lot to see and do in the city of Daytona, so you might find it hard to spend a lot of money, even if you wanted to. You’ll enjoy the best of everything this city has to offer without even breaking the bank.

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