How Much Does Speedway Pay An Hour? [Answered!]

In the world of sports, no team exemplifies the American spirit more than the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Established in 1909, this remarkable track in Indiana tests the mettle of drivers and teams from all over the world. Today, as the home of the Indianapolis 500 and countless other races, the speedway continues to inspire American ingenuity and innovation.

The speedway has long been a symbol of American ingenuity and style, drawing spectators and innovators from all over the country. And as the home of the Indianapolis 500, arguably the most prestigious race in the world, the speedway continues to be a center for automotive innovation. Today, with major renovations underway to enhance sightlines and create a more premium environment for patrons, the speedway is as alive as ever.

What Is The Average Hourly Wage At The Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

While it’s always fun to speculate about how much money one might make at a prestigious establishment such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it’s best to leave those kinds of earnings determinations to the professionals. In the world of sports, there are many variables that could influence how much an employer might pay an employee – from the size of the workforce to the demands of the job to the availability of labor to the cost of living in the area. As a general rule of thumb, one can assume that the more popular an employer is, the more they will have to pay their staff. But even then, there are exceptions. For instance, the Kansas City Chiefs pay their players an estimated $260,000 per year and the Detroit Lions pay their players an estimated $200,000 per year, which is roughly the same as the average wage at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. With all the variables at play, it’s unlikely that there is one exact answer for this question.

But considering the fact that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the most popular and prominent employers in the country, as well as one of the most prominent sports venues in the world, it’s a safe bet to say that the average wage at this famous sport venue is quite high. According to a recent study, here’s a breakdown of what workers at the Indy earn on average per hour:

Average Hourly Wage By Role

First, there are the drivers, track employees, and crew members who work directly with the cars. These are the people who bring the vehicles to and from the track, set them up on the grid, and clear the way for the cars to race. According to the aforementioned study, the average hourly wage for a driver at the Indy is roughly $19. The average wage for a track employee is $14. And the average crew member earns $12 per hour.

Beyond these roles, the team owners and executives, as well as other upper-level managers such as the Chief Operating Officer, also earn sizable benefits packages that include a minimum salary, health insurance, and a 401(k) plan.

Hourly Wages By Experience

Next, one can examine the wages by experience. The most experienced workers at the Indy Motor Speedway are the engineers, physicists, and others who have extensive knowledge in their fields. Considering that technology plays such a crucial role in modern life today, it’s not surprising that the most in-demand employees at the speedway are highly paid and educated professionals. According to the study, engineers at the Indy are among the highest paid in their fields, with an average wage of $25 per hour. On the flip side, receptionists and ticket agents earn the lowest average hourly wage of $10 and $11, respectively.

Wage Growth Over Time

Finally, the study examines the wage growth over time. From 1994 to 2016, the average wage for a driver at the Indy rose by 66%, from $15 to $25 per hour. It rose by 62% for a track employee, from $14 to $23 per hour. And it rose by 59% for a crew member, from $12 to $18 per hour.

Considering that the average wage for all three job roles combined rose by 41% over that time, one can assume that some of the most in-demand employees at the Indy speedway are already earning a six-figure salary. As an employer, the speedway is doing well by paying their staff fairly and investing in their future through education and training. But as an employee looking for a lucrative job, one should investigate the Indy further before plopping down in Indy for a career.

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