How Much Is A Car Wash At Speedway? [Fact Checked!]

Most people know that car washes are expensive, specifically at large car washes where there are lots of people and lots of ruffling towels and water bottles being tossed around. But how much is a car wash at the average, local car wash, where there aren’t lots of people, just you and the road ahead? We decided to do some research and figure out how much car washes cost and how much you should expect to pay.

The Average Cost Of A Car Wash

We looked up the average cost of a car wash at various car wash locations across the country and found that it varies widely. The cost per wash ranges from $3.50 to $11.00, with the average cost being $6.25. So, if you live in a smaller town, you might find that a car wash is fairly affordable, while in larger cities, it can add up quickly.

The Cost Of A One-Time Wash

While the cost of a typical car wash is pretty consistent, the cost of a one-time wash can vary a lot. Some places will quote you per car, some places will quote you per hour, and some places will quote you per piece of clothing. If you shop around and find the best price, you can get a one-time wash that will cost you less than $5.00. But if you want the best deal, you need to be prepared to spend a bit more – approximately $10.00-$12.00 per car. However, this is still a lot cheaper than purchasing a home car wash that can cost you $15.00-$20.00 or more per car.

Additional Fees

In addition to the cost of the car wash itself, you need to consider the additional fees that you might be required to pay. There are several hidden fees that you need to be aware of, like parking fees and towel fees.

Parking is usually free at most car washes, but you need to consider whether or not you will need a parking space. If you don’t have one, you might want to consider paying for parking or taking the bus or walking. There is also the option of paying another person to park your car for you if you’re getting a one-time wash.

Towels are another matter. Most places will require you to bring your own towels, but some places will have towels available for you to use. If you don’t have any towels or need to buy some, there is usually a fee for this as well. The same goes for water bottles. You will need to bring your own water bottles or pay for the facility to provide them for you. In some places, this can add up quickly, so be prepared to spend at least a few dollars on these items.

When it comes to car washes, everyone has an opinion on what is the best type of car wash. Some people love the idea of getting their vehicle washed by someone else, while others hate it. But no matter what your opinion is on the matter, it’s pretty safe to say that you aren’t going to enjoy the experience if the cost is more than you bargained for. And that’s what we want to avoid, above all else.

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