How Much Is A Dozen Donuts At Speedway? [Updated!]

Donuts are a traditional UK treat sold at numerous locations across the country, including convenience stores, coffee houses and even some train stations. However, the price of a simple donut can vary a lot and is rarely advertised. This article will explore how much a dozen donuts cost at each of the UK’s major fast-food outlets. It will then compare this to the cost of a beer, a glass of wine and a meal in a restaurant. Last but not least, we will explore the differences between all the UK stores so that you can decide which one is best suited to your needs.

UK Donuts Prices: Quick Summary

The average price of a dozen donuts at a high-street convenience store is £4.29, with small coffee shops charging around £3.50 and speciality coffee shops selling them for closer to £5.00. Train stations and some airports also sell donuts, but these are generally expensive, with one-way fares adding around £12.50 to the cost of a dozen. The cheapest place to buy donuts is at a fish and chip shop for £2.20, though this is significantly cheaper per dozen than most other places.


MacDonald’s sells a lot of fried food, so it’s no surprise that their donut prices are high. But even by our fast-food standards, they charge a lot for a simple pastry. Ordering a dozen donuts at the popular US fast-food chain will set you back £9.99, but a single, small order can cost £3.95, while a small coffee will set you back £1.50.

Although the prices are high, at least you’ll know what you’re paying for. MacDonald’s are renowned for using high-quality ring dough, which is easy to make and very reliable. And what’s more, each piece of dough will only be cooked once, so you can be sure of quality.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is another popular American chain that also sells fried food, though their donuts aren’t quite as cheap as those at McDonald’s. One of their products is the Krinkle Doughnut, which is a large ring of dough filled with cream and surrounded by a thin glaze. Although this doesn’t sound too bad, the large size will set you back £6.49 and the small will cost £4.29. The standard fare at Krispy Kreme is a doughnut, which is filled with cream and covered in a cinnamon and sugar coating. This simple treat will set you back £3.98, but at least it’s all you’ll need.


Wendy’s is another US chain that has decided to enter the UK market with a bang, with an entire restaurant dedicated to selling fried fish and chicken, as well as other items such as potato salads and crinkle-cut fries. Since they are a seafood restaurant, all their food is served in giant portion sizes that even the most expensive guest will not feel ashamed to order. One of their signature dishes is the Fish Burger, which is two pieces of fried fish placed on a hamburger bun, topped with pickles and cole slaw. The middle-sized version of this dish will set you back £7.49, while the small version will cost £5.29. And what’s more, if you ask for no mayonnaise, you’ll save a few pence on the side of the fish. Other popular items on the menu include chicken tenders, onion rings and fish fingers, which cost a little less than the average, everyday burger. For a quick snack or meal, a child’s meal consisting of a chicken nugget, French fries and apple slices, will set you back £4.49.

Archers Fish & Chip

This place is located on the River Cam in Cambridge, and it’s a haven for fishermen, who come here to rest and catch some fish and chips for lunch. The cheapest item on the menu is a can of beer, which will set you back £2.20 and a soda will cost you £1.19. But if you’re feeling a bit more extravagant, you can order a lobster salad sandwich for £8.49, or a gourmet macaroni cheese for £6.99. Or for something a bit different, the chefs here are trained to prepare scorpion fish, so if you order this, you’ll set back £16.49 plus a champagne, sparkling wine, or bottle of cask-conditioned beer will set you back £5.00.

JD Wetherspoons

JD Wetherspoons is another major player in the UK market, particularly in London, where they have numerous pubs and bottleshops. But they’ve also decided to expand into the restaurant business, with various stores selling British classics like fish and chips, and Scotch eggs. One of their signature dishes is the Scotch Egg, which is a miniature version of a Scotch egg filled with curry curry and cheese. These delicious delights will set you back £2.50, £3.50 or £4.50, according to the size. Though the prices are high, at least you know what you’re getting and you won’t be disappointed. And what’s more, you can find a JD Wetherspoons restaurant pretty much everywhere in the UK, making it easy to get a taste of the British classics without having to travel too far.

Burgers & Fish

Burgers & Fish is a fast-food restaurant located in Glasgow that serves fish and other seafood as well as burgers and chicken bites. One of their signature dishes is the Big Fish, which is an eye-catching display of fish and other seafood, served with cocktail onions and coleslaw. The portions are huge and, at £12.99 per kilogram, the price is somewhat cheaper than most other UK stores, though still considerably more expensive than the average fast-food restaurant.

Chapel Down

Chapel Down bills itself as a London institution and, although it is most famous for its pies and pasties, it also sells a wide variety of savoury snacks, such as fish and chips, and chicken nuggets. The cost of these items is fairly normal, with the exception of the large Scotch Egg, which is £4.40. The cheapest item on the menu is a cheeseboard, which will set you back £1.99, and a soda drink will cost you £1.19. And if you’re feeling a bit more classy, you can order a chicken tikka samosa for £6.99 or an Indian spiced potato salad for £4.49. Other traditional British foods such as pork scratchings and rabbit cacciatore are also available, but the portions are enormous and set you back a fortune. The cheapest option is the fish finger, which will set you back £2.20, or a pork scratchings snack for £2.50.


Larger coffee shops, such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee, also sell donuts, and they usually do so at a cheaper price, as much as £1.75 cheaper per dozen than most UK stores. The reason for this is that the donuts at these places are pre-baked, which means that less oil is required to cook them. This reduces the cost and the environmental damage caused by frying. Some of these shops, such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s, also sell pre-baked treats and these are usually around £1.50 cheaper per dozen than normal, fried ones. Another option is to get a donut cake made, where the cake itself is a large doughnut. This is the cheapest option, at least in terms of what you get, and it will set you back £2.00, with no hidden costs or extra charges. Last but not least, some fast-food chains offer dairy-free alternatives to their customers, meaning that people with dietary restrictions, such as vegans and vegetarians, can have some delicious snacks without worrying about any additives or ingredients that they are intolerant of.

When choosing a place to eat, take into consideration the prices of what is on offer. And when ordering food, do your best to avoid anything that is terribly expensive, as you might not be able to afford it. However, at least you know what you’re paying for and you can decide whether or not this is something that will be enjoyed by the person to whom you are supplying it.

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