How Much Is A Juul Starter Pack At Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

If you’re looking for a new product to try out, why not take a look at Juul, the popular electronic cigarette?

We compared prices and the range of flavors available at different retailers to help you decide if this is the right option for you. Let’s take a closer look at the various costs involved in getting started with Juul.

The Goods

The first and most vital step to take if you’re going to be purchasing a Juul product is to make sure that you’re getting a real one. A lot of companies that produce counterfeit and knockoff products are trying to trick customers into thinking that they’re getting real cigarettes when they’re actually producing inferior products. It’s always best to buy from a reputable and established brand.

A Juul starter pack, which is what we’ll be comparing prices for, comes with the following:

  • one pack of 20 juices
  • one charger
  • one USB charger
  • one pack of 10 filters
  • one pack of 12 coils
  • one package of cotton swabs

You’ll also need to decide what type of juice you want to try out. There are different strengths of nicotine available, so if you’re looking for a stronger hit than what comes in the standard Juul pack, you might want to consider other options as well.

The Flaws

While there aren’t any major flaws with the item listed above, it’s important to keep in mind that all electronic cigarettes, and especially those from Juul, aren’t made equal. The quality of the product can vary from bad to worse, so it’s always best to buy a higher-quality brand.

Additionally, keep in mind that the cheaper the product, the more you’re going to pay for shipping. If you’re willing to spend more than $20 on shipping, you’ll avoid this problem. It’s always best to purchase locally if possible, as this will minimize the chances of you receiving a faulty product.

The Price

If you’re going to be purchasing a Juul product, the price is always going to be a major consideration. You’ll either need to decide whether you want to pay for shipping or try and find a local store that’s willing to give you the item for sale or rent. This is especially true if you want to try out a higher-end product, which you’ll inevitably have to pay for.

Depending on where you live, the price of a Juul starter pack can vary between $23.99 and $34.99. You’ll also need to budget for the additional shipping fees if you’re purchasing from a remote location.

If you’re located within a 30 mile radius of a Walmart store, however, you can get a great deal on a package containing all the essentials for the Juul product. In that case, you might want to consider getting all your goods locally, as shipping is going to add a considerable amount to your total cost.

Where To Buy?

Once you’ve decided that a Juul product is what you want, the next step is to find a suitable location to purchase it. Depending on where you are, this might be a large box store such as Walmart or Target, or it could be a small shop that specializes in e-cigarettes. You can also look for vape shops in your area that offer a great product at a decent price.

If you decide that Walmart is the best option available, you can get all the essentials for a Juul product for cheap. You might want to consider purchasing them in bulk, as this will minimize the chances of you having to pay extra for shipping. If you’re purchasing online, make sure that you’re getting a good deal by comparing prices and looking for coupons or discount codes.

If you decide to go the cheaper route and try and buy all the items in one place, be prepared to spend a long time waiting for your order to be processed. It’s always best to call ahead to make sure that the store carries what you’re looking for and that there aren’t any delays in receiving your order.

Overall Review:

Overall, we love the idea of the Juul product. While it can be a bit expensive to acquire all the items necessary to use it, it’s always best to buy quality over quantity. The price is always going to be an obstacle for some people however, so this might not be the right option for everyone.

To keep things simple, we’ll use our favorite retailer to compare prices. If you live within a 30 mile radius of a Walmart store, you can get all the essentials for a quality Juul product for $26.99. If you decide to buy from elsewhere, add an additional $6 to your total cost for shipping. It’s an expensive option but it’s always best to get good quality items that will last for a long time.

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