How Much Is Beer At Kentucky Speedway? [Updated!]

Most fans at a NASCAR race are there for the action on the track, but many drink and socialize before, during, and after the race. While most of the beer available at the track will be inexpensive, low-quality domestic beer, you will also find plenty of premium drinks available for purchase. It’s a great opportunity to stock up on supplies before the next race or party, or just because you feel like treating yourself.

What Are The Most Popular Beers At Kentucky Speedway?

It’s well known that the majority of the fans at a NASCAR race are there for the competition on the track, but just as many can be found drinking the beer of the same brand as the person they’re rooting for. Here are the most popular beers at Kentucky Speedway:

Southern Barrel Aged Butcher & Bee {$}

This is the beer of choice for the Dale Jarrett fan base. The popular NASCAR driver supports all kinds of local businesses in the area, and his fans’ main hobby is supporting his sponsors. One of their favorite beers is available in an even more limited run than usual, so make sure you try it when you’re there.

Bud Light {$}

Bud Light is America’s favorite beer, and it also happens to be the official beer of NASCAR. This means that every time they have a race at Kentucky Speedway, all of the spectators will be served free beer during the race. If you’re ever there at a time when there’s no race, you can enjoy a refreshing ice-tea in a Bud Light cup.

Michelob Ultra {$}

This is the premium import alternative to Bud Light, and it also happens to be one of the most popular beers at NASCAR races. You can get a case of this for less than what you would pay for a six-pack of the domestic equivalent, and it tastes absolutely phenomenal. Be sure to try this when you’re there, as it’s one of the best-tasting beers around. If you’re really a fan, you could invest in a growler of this, as it is pretty exclusive and difficult to secure. It’s available at some convenience stores near the track, as well as at some restaurants and bars in the area.

Natural Ice {$}

Did you know that natural frozen ice is actually a better alternative to drinking cold liquids during the summer? Most people don’t think about it, but when it’s hot out, ice is the best possible thing to drink. The flavor is unmatched, and it doesn’t leave a trace in your stomach like some other fizzy drinks. When you’re at a NASCAR race and it gets to be hot out, head to the snack bars and get yourself a big hunk of natural ice. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale {$}

One of the biggest names in craft beer is also one of the best when it comes to creating different styles of beer. This is one of the popular choices among the people who are into beer. It’s light in color, but it has a malty flavor that some people might not like, but it’s worth trying. This is the type of beer that you can drink all day, and it won’t get boring in the least. Plus, it doesn’t have the worst buzz either. So, if you’re in the Kentucky area and enjoy your craft beer, be sure to check out their selections.

Natural Light {$}

It’s no secret that Natural Light is one of America’s favorite beer brands, and it also happens to be the official beer of the NCAA. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to try this brand when you’re there, as it’s pretty popular. It has a refreshing taste that most people enjoy, and it’s also easily accessible. However, this is one brand that people don’t usually get sick of. This is the type of beer that you can drink all day without getting tired of it, and it will go down easy. Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive, so it is a popular choice for people on a budget.

Red & White Wine {$}

Red and White wine are often touted as the perfect foods or drinks to accompany meals, especially meat. They are both acidic in nature, and they work well with most foods. So if you’re ever at a BBQ at a friend’s house or local restaurant, be sure to ask for some red or white wine to drink. They will usually serve it to you cheaper than if you bought a bottle of liquor, and it won’t ruin your diet either.

Domestic Bottled Drinks {$}

Doing business away from home is always difficult, especially when you are operating from a different location. It’s not easy getting supplies and finding parking spaces, all while being mindful of the regulations and customs associated with your new location. Fortunately, it’s not always necessary to run around looking for a bottle opener or a specific type of beer to celebrate a special event. There are plenty of drinks available in the area that you can bring with you. You won’t need to spend a lot of money, but you will need to make sure you bring some with you. It’s probably best to bring a case, as much as you can carry. Having extra is always beneficial, especially when you don’t drink often and want to make sure there’s always some available when you do.

What Are Some Of The Legal Concerns Involved With Bringing Alcohol To A Race Track?

Legal constraints vary from state to state and from race track to race track, but most are looking to protect the community from alcohol-related problems. They don’t want people driving while intoxicated, whether it’s because they’re impaired on the job or just because they’re feeling especially jovial that day. Those who are 21 years of age or older and who are not in possession of a valid ID may purchase alcohol at the track, but the presence of alcoholics among the racing community is certainly nothing new. Knowing the challenges this industry faces, the community should be thankful that the people who work there care enough about their patrons to offer these restrictions. However, if you do happen to be 21 or older and in possession of a VALID ID, you must be prepared to show it when asked. Without it, you’ll be denied access to most alcohol-related areas of the track. Even if you show your ID and everything seems just fine, you might get hassled by security or police when leaving the area, so make sure you’re prepared for that as well.

What Are Some Of The Legal Concerns Involved With Bringing Smoke And Flames Into A Stadium?

Smoking is also prohibited inside the stadium, and it’s not just for show either. The majority of the patrons at a sporting event are there to see the games, and the constant smell of smoke could potentially distract the spectators and ruin the experience for everyone involved.

Certain types of fireworks are also prohibited, and you’ll run the risk of arrest if you show up to a game with any types of illegal fireworks. This includes rockets, pistols, hand grenades, and sky lanterns. You can get arrested for using these items at a park, and it’s not worth the risk. Save them for special events or festivals, and make sure you aren’t carrying any while at the stadium.

If you’re planning on bringing your dog to the game, it’s also best to keep them under control so that they don’t upset any other spectators. Many stadiums have a strict dog policy, and it’s usually illegal to bring them inside the gates. The same goes for horse racing. The odor alone might cause premature ejaculation among the male patrons.

How Much Does It Cost To Drink At A NASCAR Race?

Aside from the cost of the beer, you’ll also need to think about what type of entrance fee you’re going to have to pay. At the higher-profile tracks, it can be costly to get in. There usually isn’t an age limit, but you have to have a ticket to get in. You can get a cheap beer voucher at the entryway, but it still costs money.

At the lower-profile tracks, sometimes there are no fees at all to get in, but you have to purchase a drink at the concession stand every time you go down. For some drivers, this can add up quickly, especially if you’re not driving a car that’s sponsored. In these cases, it can be cheaper to purchase a box of doughnuts instead. You’ll definitely need an eating plan if you’re going to be at a NASCAR race though, especially if you want to stay conscious during those long hot days on the track. Remember to drink plenty of water too, as dehydration can be just as dangerous as dehydration caused by alcohol.

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