How Much Is Beer At Speedway Ohio? [Expert Guide!]

You may have come across references to ‘Speedway, Ohio’ while watching the Indianapolis 500, the annual sporting event that takes place every year in May. The town probably doesn’t need any further introduction as it’s been the setting for famous IndyCar races from nearly one century. If you visit the venue’s website, you’ll find a wealth of information about the historic 500 Festival, including an updated schedule of events.

But what is the cost of those beers and wines that you’re drinking? You might be wondering how much is beer at the 2020 edition of the 500 Festival, given that the cost of a standard drink has increased by 43% since 2019. If you’re looking to splash out, you may want to reconsider your alcohol intake for the day, especially as alcohol-free alternatives are available. We take a look at the cost of some of the most popular drinks at this year’s festival and how much they cost in modern day money.

IndyCar Specials

As the most popular motorsport in the U.S., IndyCar fans may be familiar with the special beer, wines, and spirits associated with the racing series. Some of these products are available for purchase at Speedway Ohio, with prices ranging from $10 for a small bottle of whiskey to $30 for a case of beer.

However, not all of the products are created equal. For example, the special ‘indy car’ edition of Firestone’s 604 Winter Wheat Ale is only available at the festival and for one day only, as it is sold out in most areas of the country. This beer is usually $13.95 per bottle, or $79.90 for a six pack (case). Similarly, the ‘indy car’ edition of Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Limited Run Little Sippewa Falls White Ale is only available at the festival and for one day only, as it is highly-sought-after and sells out everywhere else. This beer is usually $12 per bottle, or $60 for a six pack. Other special edition beers, wines, and whiskeys are also available at the festival. Check out the venue’s website to see the complete list of specialty products and what days they are available on.

What Else Can You Buy There?

Apart from specialty beers, wines, and whiskeys, you’ll also find a wide range of other products available for purchase at the festival. This includes traditional snacks and meals such as hot dogs, sausage, and grilled chicken. You’ll also find various types of frozen snacks, such as ice cream and sherbet, and even some types of fresh fruit such as strawberries and peaches. All of these items are available for purchase at the festival, along with various types of cold and hot prepared foods, including some Indian Cuisines. You may also want to pick up some pastries or bakery items, such as bagels and cinnamon rolls, which are excellent eaten while watching a race.

How much is beer at the Speedway? You may find this question being asked a lot, so it may be worth your while to find out. As we’ve established, the price of alcohol has increased this year, so if you’re paying attention to how much you’re spending, you may want to reconsider those bottles or cans you’re drinking. Some of the items you may want to purchase instead are:

  • fruit and cream-filled pastries
  • artisanal meats
  • coffee and espresso machines
  • a waffle maker
  • ice cream makers
  • a six-pack of craft beer
  • a bottle of wine
  • a rotisserie chicken
  • a gourmet hot dog
  • a pasta maker
  • a pizza oven
  • a toaster
  • a kettle
  • a stand mixer
  • and a wine fridge.

Of course, these are all just suggestions. You may find there is something for everyone. The important thing to keep in mind is that beer, wine, and other types of liquor are all available for purchase there, so if you’re drinking to excess, it may be costing you a lot. However, if you’re looking for good food and drink at a reasonable price, then the Speedway is a great option. What is the cost of beer at the Speedway? Let’s find out. (To read the rest of this article, simply click on the button below.)

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