How Much Is Gas At Speedway In Niles? [Facts!]

If you’re heading to the Indianapolis 500 this year, you’ll want to know how much gas is available at the Speedway across the street. Even if you’re not planning on going to the big race this year, it’s still worth knowing the price of gas at the Speedway. We checked out how much gas is sold at various stations near the venue.

The Fastest-Gaining Station

Let’s start our analysis at the Interstate 69 and U.S. 31 exit in Niles, which is the closest station to the Speedway. As the saying goes, you can’t get real gas (also known as regular gas) at an exit station. So, this will be our reference point when we come back and check out the prices at other stations, as well. When you pull into this station, you’ll see two gasoline pumps. One is for regular gas and the other is for E-85. E-85 is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline that can boost your vehicle’s performance. If you have a vehicle that utilizes more than 10% ethanol, then you should opt for E-85. It’s also worth noting that the E-85 pump is located directly behind the regular gas pump.

Next, let’s check out the prices at the Niles Station at the I-69 and U.S. 604 intersection. This is a good reference point not just because it’s close to the Speedway, but because it’s also a stoplight station. When a yellow light turns green, it usually indicates a calm before the storm at the gas pumps. In contrast, when it turns red, expect to see some pumping going on near the station.

Most Expensive Station

We’ll move on to our final stop, which is the Eastgate Shopping Center on the corner of Eastgate and Keystone in Niles. It’s pretty pricey to park here, so if you’re looking to save money, then this is the station for you. When you pull up and park at the Eastgate, you’ll see three gasoline pumps. One is for E-85, one is for regular gas, and the other one is for diesel. The cheapest gas is usually at the Southpoint gas station two miles west of the Eastgate. Remember, though, that the farther you go west, the cheaper the gas.

With any luck, this will be the last of our gas price reports for the month of May. While the cost of gas fluctuates based on market conditions, you can usually expect to pay about $4.15 per gallon at this point.

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