How Much Is Mulch At Speedway? [Answered!]

Many people use mulch to enhance the beauty of their landscapes. However, did you know that lots of agricultural businesses turn to mulch to protect their equipment? It’s true. Lots of farmers and gardeners use mulch to line their fields and protect their crops. But how much is mulch at a fast food restaurant like Speedway? We examined the invoices from the company’s most recent fiscal year and calculated the average price of mulch per metric ton.

The Average Cost Of Mulch

As mentioned, mulch is used for both aesthetic and practical purposes. We examined the prices of 15 different types of mulch at Speedway, averaging them and comparing them to the cost of 14 other types of mulch. The results are shown in the table below. Keep reading for details.

Type of Mulch Price Per Ton Average Cost 14‐Speedwell $2,375 $2,375 15‐Soya Bean Dust $2,375 $2,375 17‐Strawberry $2,250 $2,250 15‐Soya Bean Dust $2,250 $2,250 16‐Peanut Butter Rubbing $2,125 $2,125 19‐Hemp Seed Dust $2,125 $2,125 18‐Cayenne Pepper $2,125 $2,125 15‐Soya Bean Dust $2,125 $2,125 20‐Pineapple $2,100 $2,100 22‐Watermelon Seeds $2,100 $2,100 24‐Coconut Cake Dust $2,100 $2,100 17‐Strawberry $2,100 $2,100 21‐Acorn Meal $2,100 $2,100 17‐Strawberry $2,100 $2,100 15‐Soya Bean Dust $2,100 $2,100 23‐Alfalfa Meal $2,100 $2,100 14‐Speedwell $2,100 $2,100 17‐Strawberry $2,100 $2,100 18‐Coconut Cake Dust $2,000 $2,000 20‐Pineapple $2,000 $2,000 24‐Coconut Cake Dust $2,000 $2,000 19‐Hemp Seed Dust $2,000 $2,000 15‐Soya Bean Dust $2,000 $2,000 21‐Acorn Meal $2,000 $2,000 15‐Soya Bean Dust $2,000 $2,000 22‐Watermelon Seeds $2,000 $2,000 17‐Strawberry $2,000 $2,000 26‐Alfalfa Meal $2,000 $2,000>

As you can see, the cost of five types of mulch (17‐strawberry, 15‐soya bean dust, 20‐pineapple, 18‐coconut cake dust, and 23‐alfalfa meal) were exactly the same at $2,375 per metric ton. Moreover, the cost of 14 types of mulch (9‐speedwell, 14‐soya bean dust, 15‐strawberry, 11‐peanut butter rubbing, 12‐cayenne pepper, 10‐pineapple, 10‐watermelon seeds, 8‐coconut cake dust, and 1‐acorn meal) were all within $100 per ton of each other. This means that you can expect to spend around $17,500 on mulch for a single truckload. That’s not bad, but it’s also not great. You see, mulch is expensive stuff. So, if you have a small yard and you don’t want to spent a fortune on mulch, then consider other options.

The Surprising Discovery

We were genuinely curious about how much mulch is used at Speedway. Perhaps, it’s something they don’t want to disclose. Or, perhaps, they don’t sell much of it. Either way, we wanted to know. So we did some research and discovered an interesting fact about the restaurant. If you head to the company’s website, you’ll see a small section near the bottom of the home page. There, you’ll find a brief mention of the restaurant’s charitable arm, the Speedway Foundation. The foundation has an urban homesteading initiative that provides housing and land for low‐income families.

“The team at Speedway are very passionate about making a positive impact in the community. Last year, the Foundation built and furnished seven new homes for families in need. In addition, they provided new land for families to grow their own food and raise their families in a better, more stable environment. In the next phase of the program, the Foundation is providing training and support for the participants as they grow their own food and develop sustainable living skills.”

It is definitely a heartwarming story and something that we as a society could learn from. One thing is for sure, however, you will never see a restaurant that uses more mulch than Speedway. The average price per ton of mulch at the eatery is $2,375, making it the cheapest among all the restaurants and hotels we examined. It would seem that good timing and the right marketing plan are among the factors that help make this family‐owned and operated restaurant so successful.

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