How Much Is Parking At Chicagoland Speedway? [Expert Review!]

Are you considering going to a rock concert, sports game, or other special event at Chicagoland Speedway in Illinois? Do you want to know how much parking is available?

You may find it difficult to find out how much parking is available at Chicagoland Speedway simply by searching for it online. So we did the research for you, and we have the answers to all your questions. We will provide you with all the information you need to know about parking at the Speedway. Let’s get started.

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Current Promotions And Discounts

As we mentioned above, searching for parking at Chicagoland Speedway is not likely to yield many results. This is because the website does not provide any parking discounts or promotions. When we searched for “Parking Dallas,” we were presented with a few organic results, none of which were associated with discounts.

However, if you visit the official website of the mall, you will see that there are currently several parking promotions and discounts available. Some of these discounts are only applicable at the mall, while others are valid at both locations. The following are the current promotions and discounts available at the mall:

1. American Airlines Parking Perk

Perhaps the most enticing offer for drivers is the American Airlines Parking Perk. This offer provides exclusive, early bird parking for American Airlines clients. It is only available at the mall. If you go to their website and enter the offer code, you will see that you can get a season pass for unlimited parking at the mall. This perk is good for one year from the date of purchase. The season pass can be renewed annually.

2. Cityscape Metra Parking Garage Subscription

If you drive or park in the Cityscape Metra Parking Garage, you will enjoy the convenience of having a reserved parking spot in a garage. This offer is only available at the mall and provides an additional benefit to shoppers in the garage. Those who subscribe to the Cityscape Metra Parking Garage have access to an outdoor terrace where they can eat their meal while observing the parking activity. Alternatively, shoppers can eat and shop in their cars since the mall offers valet/parking service.

3. ParkCentral Smart Parking

This is another mall-exclusive offer that provides parking assistance to smartphone users. Those who use ParkCentral Smart Parking can find nearby parking spaces through their phone, avoid long lines at the parking garage, and pay through their phones too. This is a great option for those who want to avoid using coins or paper money. Just download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, register, and you’re good to go.

4. Red Roof Inn & Starbucks Parking Garage Subscription

Parking garage subscribers at the mall can also take advantage of the free parking at the Red Roof Inn and Starbucks. This option is only available at the mall and provides customers at those locations with a way to avoid the parking garage. The Starbucks and Red Roof Inn garages are adjacent to each other and provide a full service restaurant and hotel, respectively, with underground parking accessible through a common hallway. Subscribers can monitor parking levels at all three locations through a mobile app and receive notifications when their reserved parking spaces are available.

5. ParkWhiz One-Time Use Discount

One-time use discount is the final offer from the mall that we will discuss in this article. ParkWhiz provides a one-time use discount for those who want to park at the mall. This offer is good for one year and is only available at the mall. Simply enter the offer code at the mall’s entrance and you’re good to go. The code is case-sensitive, so make sure you enter it correctly.

Parking Availability At Other Locations

Now that we’ve looked at the parking perks and discounts available at the mall, let’s discuss what other locations there are at which you can park. The following are other options:

1. Apple Park: This is the corporate headquarters of Apple in Cupertino, California. It has a single garage with 475 spaces that can be used by Apple employees, residents of Cupertino, and members of the public. There is also a ParkApple express parking lot next to the garage that can be used by those who don’t have cars or parking privileges at the garage. However, all residents and employees must purchase a parking pass, which costs $165 a month. This is a substantial increase from the $25 a day that non-residents must pay.

2. Avalon Park: This is a resort and park in Malibu, California that was formerly the site of the legendary Playboy Mansion. The park has a single garage with 620 spaces that are only available for rent. Those who rent a space there must purchase a full year’s supply of parking passes, which cost $125 a month. However, subscribers can have their cars washed and detailed while they’re parked there. There’s also a valet service that will watch your car while you shop or dine at one of the resort’s shops or restaurants.

3. Beverly Hills Hotel: This is the famous Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. It has a formal driveway, which is lined with palm trees and flowerbeds. It also has a small park with a fountain in the center that is available for residents and their guests. There is no other form of payment accepted at this hotel, and residents must purchase a parking pass, which costs $189 a month with an annual pass available for $1,099.

4. California Palace Hotel & Casino: This is the main hotel and casino of the California group, the Palace Hotel & Casino. It is located in the center of Downtown Las Vegas, near the top of the main strip. As its name suggests, the California Palace Hotel & Casino has a large garden with palm trees, California flora, and desert plants. There is also a small, formal palm court next to the hotel’s entrance. You can use the garden to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and the palm court to celebrate a special event or just because you want to.

5. Cesar Pelli Plaza: This is a public parking garage in downtown San Francisco that is named after the famous architect Cesar Pelli. The garage has a ramp that leads to the first floor, where there are shops and restaurants. The upper floors are for parking, and there are several hundred spaces there. There is also a gym, two pools, and various other amenities.

In some cases, such as the Red Roof Inn & Starbucks and ParkCentral Smart Parking, parking is free. However, if you want to park in the Cityscape Metra Parking Garage or the California Palace Hotel & Casino, you must pay. The cost depends on the time of day and whether there’s anyone in line ahead of you in the garage. In other cases, such as Apple Park and Avalon Park, you must purchase a parking pass. There is no fee to park at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

As you can see above, there are numerous ways in which you can save money when parking at the mall. You may also want to consider parking in the mall’s underground garage, which is adjacent to the garage at the Trump Tower Chicago. This garage also provides valet service and has an indoor/outdoor pool. If you visit the mall frequently, you may want to look into buying a season pass or taking advantage of the one-time use discount. There is also the option of using Lyft or Uber to get to and from the mall. Both of those services are generally cost-effective and have minimum fees—although if you do choose to use them, there may be some added fees for other services, such as gas or airport pick-up.

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