How Much Is Speedway Worth? [Answered!]

This year the Oklahoma City speedway, home of the Brickhouse 400, has been valued at £22.5 million. That makes it the third most expensive motorsport track in the world, after the F1 circuit and the Formula One ring. The figure was arrived at by adding together the price of land, naming rights and the value of all the racing equipment.

This year also saw the first ever Formula One race in the state of Oklahoma. The Grand Prix, which was staged in conjunction with the Sprint Cup, made the speedway the host venue for the American Grand Prix. This was the first time that the Formula One event had visited the US, while the Sprint Cup series has raced in the country many times over the years.

The Brickhouse 400 is one of the oldest continuous motorsport events in the world and is on every car enthusiast’s bucket list. The name comes from the original owner of the track, who built his own private racing stadium – the Brickyard – in the 1950s. His goal was to promote growth and employment in his local community, and he employed many locals in the building of the track.

Since the opening of the stadium, the value of a ticket to this year’s race has risen dramatically. Back in the day, a Brickhouse 400 ticket could set you back as little as £5, but this year’s race will cost you as much as £150. The increase is largely thanks to the rise in the Japanese yen against the US dollar in recent years.

As well as the increase in ticket prices, hospitality at the Brickhouse is also on the rise. In 2015 the track implemented a new system, which saw guests receive an electronic keycard to gain access to the grandstand or the Paddock. Previously, hospitality had been restricted to suites and individual seats in the grandstand. The new system also saw the introduction of a premium bar, which served top-shelf liquor and cost £11.50 per person. The track’s general manager, Mike Vickers, said everyone in the organization had to make changes to ensure the event “maintained its position at the top of the game”.

One major change was the introduction of a 3D broadcast, which linked up with the big-screen TVs in each seat to offer a completely new perspective on the action. The screen also provides information on any changes to the sporting schedule, as well as real-time updates on the weather in Oklahoma City.

The Most Expensive Motor Racing Tracks

This year’s list of the world’s most expensive motor racing venues is, as you might expect, dominated by F1 tracks. The two Russian Circuits, which host the Russian Grand Prix this year, have a total capital value of £26.5 million. The season begins in March and ends in November, so plenty of time for some proper racing!

The Most Expensive Sports Stadiums

On the opposite end of the pitch, the value of a professional football stadium has increased exponentially in recent years. The England national football team’s home matches are frequently referred to as the most valuable sporting events in the world. While the team might not have always found success on the pitch, it has become synonymous with the game and its fans are renowned for their passion. Having said that, it’s not all about the money – a suitable football stadium could be built for as little as £6 million.

Other major sports stadiums have also risen significantly in value. The most expensive NFL stadium is currently the Jade Gulff Stadium, in Sydney, Australia, which cost around £15.8 million back in 2013. The most expensive NBA arena is the Omni Amphitheatre, which is located in Chicago and cost around £12.6 million in 2012.

Other High-Profile Sports Venues

On the other end of the sporting spectrum, we have a few golf courses that made the list. The Old McDonald’s Golf Course in Sun City (now known as Cowtown) has a total value of £21.5 million – including the Men’s Professional Golf Championship, which it hosts – while the Santas Golfer’s Club in Vegas has a value of £16.5 million. The list also includes the Royal Lytham Golf Course, in Lytham, England, which is valued at £14 million.

Another addition to the list is the Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts, in Florida, which is home to two championship golf courses. One of these, the Dolphin Course, has a value of £9.5 million, while the other, the Disney World Course, is valued at £12.5 million. When you add these two figures together you get a stunning £25.0 million for this magical place.

The Most Expensive Sports Arenas

On the opposite end of town, we have the Manchester United Stadium, in Manchester, England, which is currently valued at £26.5 million. It’s the home of the Red Devils and one of the most recognisable and popular football teams in the world. With a capacity of 66,500, the stadium has seen some incredible events, including an FA Cup final, an exhibition match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, and the 2003 World Football Gala, which commemorated half a century of the Olympic Games. If you’ve ever watched a football game at Old Trafford, or if you’re a football fan, then you’ll know what we’re talking about.

The Most Luxurious Hotels

On the subject of hotels, we have a number of five-star establishments that found themselves on this year’s list. The Ritz-Carlton, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, whose Rose Festival Mongolia is one of the city’s most treasured attractions, is valued at £29.5 million, while the Radisson Hotel Group’s Radisson Hotel Venice, in Italy, is worth £25.8 million. With its Ming the Great Wall, China, and its Garden of Orsi Palazzo, Tuscany, Italy, are the venues that make up the Radisson Hotel Group’s Radisson Hotel Andress Palace – a masterpiece of Italian Renaissance architecture. The Grand Luxe Hilton Hotel Tōyō is another five-star hotel located in Tokyo, Japan, which is valued at £23.5 million.

The Most Famous Race Tracks

There is no doubting the appeal of a formula one race. Whether you’re a racing fan or not, the sight of the world’s best drivers going head-to-head in a series of lightning-quick races is one that cannot be missed. We have F1 tracks that span four continents, making them one of the most prominent sports events on the planet. The two Japaneseses, which host the Grand Prix this year, have a combined value of £64.5 million.

The most expensive F1 venue is the Circuit de France, in Paris, France, which was valued at £29.5 million in 2013. This year it will host the French Grand Prix and the annual French Open Tennis Championship. The British Garden Party is another F1 venue, located in London and was valued at £30.5 million last year. It is one of the most iconic and historic venues in the country and will play host to the British Grand Prix this year, as well as the Formula One World Championship.

The Most Historic Sports Venues

A little bit of history is required here. Not all of it good. In 1919, the Mikado Yacht Golf Championship was established in London. The event was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Richemont Corporation, which owned the Hiram Cassell Company, the founders of Richemont (formerly, The J. M. W. S. Corporation) and The Golden Fleece Hotel (later to become The Santas Golfer’s Club).

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