How Much Is The Gate Admission To Homestead Speedway? [Answered!]

We want to let you know, dear readers, that this is the last article in the “Three Steps to Becoming a NASCAR Racer” series. The next step, which takes place after completing the first two, is much more difficult and requires years of dedicated practice and preparation. If you made it this far, congratulations! You are officially a NASCAR racer. Onward to the next step, which is…wait for it…guess what? Yup, you’re definitely going to be surprised by this next step, but there’s no turning back now.

The admission to the Homestead race is $30 for adults and $15 for children. Is it worth it? Let’s go through the numbers to get a better idea. The last race was on November 18th, so you’ll have to act fast to make sure you can get your money’s worth.

The Payoff At Homestead

The payoffs at Homestead are quite high. There are three separate tracks that you can drive on, all with their own perks and advantages. The first is the Short Track, which is 1.97 miles in length and has 11 turns. The second is the Medium Track, which is 2.74 miles long with 16 turns. The final track is the Long Track, which is 4.07 miles long and has 24 turns.

To put that into perspective, a typical lap around any of these tracks takes about seven minutes. If you’re sitting in the hot seat, those seven minutes can feel like an hour. But it’s all worth it because as soon as you cross the finish line, you’ll immediately feel a rush of adrenaline as the tension subsides and you’re able to relax. The feeling is quite addicting and it draws a lot of people to this race every year.

The Costs Associated With Going To Homestead

One of the major costs associated with going to Homestead is parking. There is no parking fee at the track itself, but you will have to pay $40 for parking in the nearby lots. This may not sound like a lot, but for a family of four, it’s quite a chunk of change. Especially if you’re driving in a crowded area where there are lots of other cars around. Especially since you will be there for a few hours. If you decide to walk, it will still cost you $40 at least. Even more if you’re going during rush hour. If you decide to fly, it will cost you $400 – plus the plane ticket.

How Much Does The Experience Worth It?

The overall experience at Homestead is quite unique and quite memorable. The crowd is very enthusiastic and hyped up for the entire duration. The drivers are generally nice and are very accommodating to the fans. The staff is extremely helpful and well-trained. A lot of people consider this to be the greatest NASCAR race of all time, so if you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you may want to consider Homestead.

The downside to this particular race is that it’s very hot and humid there, so if you’re not used to the heat, it could be challenging. The air is very thick, so if you have breathing problems, it could be a problem. The season is also very short, so it may not be the best fit for those who want to make the most of their summer vacation. Overall, though, the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. Is it worth it? That is for you to decide. But for now, go out there and have some fun! We hope we were able to help you make the right decision. Go race fans! And don’t forget – practice makes perfect!

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