How Much Is The Speedway In Lights? [Solved!]

The lights are now on, and fans can start making their way to the track for tonight’s NASCAR race. Before the big race, we’ll explore the history of NASCAR and get to know some of its biggest stars. Then, we’ll take a look at the layout and amenities of the track itself before diving into this year’s predictions for each race.

The Rise Of NASCAR

Although the sport of stock car racing has been around for more than a century, NASCAR (Not For Sale Advertising) was established in 1948 to prevent the kinds of match-fixing and favoritism that plagued older racing leagues. Since then, the sport has grown exponentially, and it’s now one of the most popular sports in the country.

While it’s always been about winning on the track, NASCAR fans now have plenty to cheer for off the track as well. Following the lead of other sports, NASCAR started embracing social media, and the hashtag #NASCARWelfare became a popular way for fans to show their support for drivers who need a break during a race.

The most popular drivers often have millions of followers on Twitter, and many top stars make a living solely off of their social media following. In fact, some speculate that without these platforms, many top drivers may not even be in the sport today.

The History Of The Grand National Series

The Grand National Series was created during the early 20th century to replace the wildly popular Louisville Race Course. The original plan was just to have open-wheel cars (Tourances, for example) race around a track, but the concept grew far beyond that. The NASCAR fans got their wish, and the circuit today is still considered by many to be the purest form of auto racing.

Like the Indianapolis 500, the IndyCar Grand Prix, and the Kentucky Derby, the GNP throws down the gauntlet and announces its arrival with a massive gun salutes and parade lap around the track before the race.

The history of the Grand National Series dates back to the 1800s when horse racing was at its peak. Many of the great American racing pioneers, including Louismt (Louis) and Sam (Stanislaus) Walker, got their start in the sport here. In fact, some estimates place the total earnings of the Walkers at over $7 million, primarily from bets placed on their horses during the 1800s. (Incidentally, some of Walker’s most famous races and victories took place at tracks owned or operated by his family, including the Kentucky derby—they called it the “Derby of Harrodsburg” after one of their family’s many mansions. A walk down the grandstands there today and you’ll still see people wearing their “Harrodsburg” hats).

The Most Famous NASCAR Stars

Many of NASCAR’s biggest stars are household names today, primarily due to the sport’s huge popularity. Here are some of the most famous names in NASCAR history:

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