How Much Momey Are Juul Mint Pods At Speedway? [Updated!]

Last year, when the vaping industry was struggling with the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, a relatively unknown company called Juul appeared to provide a lifeline to vapers who wanted to continue enjoying their nicotine-rich devices. With its sleek black designs and friendly marketing campaign, the e-cigarette brand quickly gained a following and attracted a lot of positive press in the process.

Since then, the company has continued to thrive and today boasts an extremely loyal fanbase, all while establishing itself as a major player in the vaping world. Now, at the height of the summer smoking season, we dive into exactly how much money Juul is making off each individual pod sold at the popular e-cigarette retail store called ‘The Caddy’.

How Much Does The Caddy Cost?

The Caddy is one of the most well-known e-cigarette retail stores in the U.S. and has been around since 2014. The luxury store caters to an audience that’s looking for the best e-cigarettes, and it earns its reputation by carrying only the most sought-after products from prominent brands like Juul, Pipedream, eGo-Spa, and D.P. While its name might suggest otherwise, The Caddy is actually owned by Dick Pics, who bought the store in 2015. Pics wouldn’t disclose how much he paid for the business, but said it was a “one-time, big purchase”.

On the surface, The Caddy offers an extensive range of e-cigarettes and associated products with prices that are a bit more affordable than those of other popular retailers. For example, a pack of 10 Juul Mint Pods will set you back $13.95 at The Caddy, as compared to $19.99 at VaporizerKing and $24.95 at Prestige Vape. The savings are obvious enough, but it’s worth noting that these prices don’t include shipping, which is typically charged independently.

How Many Pods Does One Package Of JUUL COVID-19 TEST NEED?

In early June, Juul rolled out a new product called the JUUL COVID-19 test, which lets users check the expiration date of their capsules and also determine if they’re infected with the COVID-19 virus.

The test is designed to work with the company’s electronic cigarette devices and is available to purchase alongside other JUUL products at retail stores like Walgreens and CVS. According to the instructions on the package, you’ll simply need to add a few drops of saliva to the provided testing strip and then blow into the device’s mouthpiece.

The results appear on the LED display within two minutes, and you can then determine if you need to contact your doctor immediately or if you’re going to be fine. The test is non-invasive and needs no special equipment other than what’s already in your own home.

While the company claims that the test is “100% accurate”, critics are skeptical, arguing that it’s simply a PR stunt and that there’s no evidence that the COVID-19 virus is present in any significant quantities in saliva. Nevertheless, it’s a useful tool for consumers who are trying to avoid getting sick with the pandemic.

How Many Pods Does One Tank Of D.P. Need?

If you’re looking for sub-ohm vaping equipment that’s portable and discreet, then you should try out the ElecTank from D.P., a company that was founded in 2014 and is known for its sleek and stylish e-cigarettes, which are available in a range of attractive colors like midnight blue and red.

Each pack of the ElecTank contains a single, reusable gel cell cartridge that you remove and eject, much like a traditional cigarette. Once you’ve charged the equipment and connected the atomizer to your preferred e-liquid, you can vape anywhere, anytime with complete confidence that your secret is safe.

Inside the packaging, you’ll find a few more items like a cleaning brush and a spool of durable wire, which is used to create the electrical connection between the atomizer and your battery. Like many other companies, D.P. offers a range of prices for its products, with a single cartridge costing $13.95, a 10-pack costing $29.90, and a 20-pack going for $59.80. A new user can save $7.95 simply by buying one of the lower-priced options, but you’ll need to do some shopping around to find the best available deal.

One Of The Most Coveted E-Cig Brands – JUUL

As we’ve established, Juul is among the most popular and well-known e-cigarette brands in the world, and its devices are highly sought-after collector’s items. The brand has been around for more than a decade, with sales reaching $16 billion in 2022 and boasting a customer base of 200 million users globally. It also has more than 450 employees, with 75% of them being devoted to customer service.

In the U.S., the vaporizer manufacturer took note of the COVID-19 pandemic and saw an opportunity to provide a niche product for customers who wanted to continue enjoying their nicotine while avoiding the spread of the virus. As a result, it launched the JUUL COVID-19 test and promised to donate $1 million to the World Health Organization to help fight the pandemic.

The company has also extended its social responsibility efforts to include providing relief to U.S. tobacco farmers who’ve been impacted by the pandemic. In early June, it donated $500,000 to a nonprofit called Farm Aid, which provides financial support to tobacco farmers who need it to continue operating.

In terms of pricing, you’ll find a wide range of options at The Caddy, from the affordable to the extravagant. For example, a 12-pack of JUUL Pods is around $13.95, while a box of 24 Cigarettes of Excellence by Philip Morris is priced at $399.99. A quick comparison on the other hand, shows that the price of a 10-pack of JUULs is about $24.95 at the Prestige Vape retailer, while a similar-looking 10-pack of cigarettes from Philip Morris is priced at $29.90 at VaperHub, and $44.95 at BizEaze.

Even a single Juul pod, which typically retails for around $10, will set you back around $13.95 at The Caddy. It’s safe to assume that, with the popularity of the brand, the demand is there and supply can’t keep up. The bottom line is that, at this point, you’ll need to do some serious shopping around to find the best available price on a single pack of JUULs.

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