How Much To Race A Car At The Speedway? [Updated!]

The thrill of racing a car at the speedway is unmatched, but how much does it cost? We examined the price of entry into the big leagues to get some answers.

The Basics

To get into the big leagues of NASCAR, one must start at the bottom. There are 17 different drivers’ championships across different NASCAR series. To be a contender in any one of those series, you need to start off in the Whelen All-American Series and work your way up from there. The cost of entry into that series is around $300,000 with expenses covered by the team.

The next step is to move up to the ARCA series. This is where most NASCAR hopefuls begin their careers. The series has been around for more than 80 years and is one of the most popular series among NASCAR enthusiasts. The entry fee is around $350,000, which covers the cost of the car, license, and traveling to events.

The top step of the ladder is the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. This is the major league of NASCAR and the most prestigious series. The entry fee is around $1 million, which covers the cost of the car, travel, and hotel rooms for one (1) year.

More Than Meets The Eye

Thoughts turn to luxury when one considers the price of entry into the NASCAR big leagues. The cars are expensive pieces of machinery that require constant maintenance and attention to stay on the road. Teams also have to pay for all the tires, gas, and oil changes that come with being in the top series. These expenses add up and can quickly stack up the amount one must spend to compete at the highest level. While these cars may be faster and more exciting than average ones, the cost to own one is simply too high for the average joe.

This brings us to the topic of licensing and endorsements. Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are offered in endorsement deals with top names in motorsport. Teams and drivers must adhere to stringent rules when it comes to advertising and promoting commercialism within the NASCAR community. However, there are no restrictions on what products or services businesses can offer sponsorships.

Those interested in racing must first obtain a NASCAR license. This costs around $300,000 and allows the driver to compete in any of the top series. While the thrill of driving a car at high speeds and around giant ovals is worth every penny, the costs associated with getting into the big leagues of NASCAR make it impossible for the average joe to take the plunge.

More Than Meets The Eye II

One of the most expensive hobbies available is racing a car at the speedway. Much has been said about the uniqueness and exhilaration of racing at top speeds and around giant ovals—the sound of the wind and the thunder of the engines are something else. Yet, the costs associated with getting into the big leagues of NASCAR are too high for the average person.

One must have enough money to buy a good car and pay for the additional expenses that come with racing. Even then, the costs are quite high. The equipment and apparel needed for the sport are quite expensive. Not to mention the cost of travel to the various events that make up a NASCAR season. These are just some of the costs associated with getting into the big leagues of NASCAR. With the sheer amount of money that goes into racing a good car at the speedway, it would be wise for those who are not indestructible to stay in the $300,000 range.

Keep Your Powder Dry

Racing is a dangerous sport. Drivers need to be aware of the risks that come with high speeds and highly technical motorsport. In some cases, these risks can lead to more serious injuries or even death. Teams and drivers must obey dangerous driving laws when they are on the road. Some of the more serious rules regarding driving ensure that all occupants are protected in case of an accident. They must also signal turns and be attentive to the road ahead of them.

Though the amount of danger is high, the appeal is great. The risk-reward ratio is simply too good to resist for those who love the thrill of driving a car at high speeds. Yet, it is important to remember the risks that are involved in this sport. Educating yourself on these risks and taking the necessary precautions before, during, and after each session can keep you safe on the track and out of trouble off of it.

The Bottom Line

Getting into the top series of NASCAR is a expensive hobby that requires a large investment of both time and money. The thrill of driving a car at high speeds around a giant oval is unmatched, but there are also dangers that are involved with the sport. Teams and drivers must be aware of these dangers and must obey traffic laws and speed limits while on the track. Educating yourself on the risks that come with the sport and taking necessary precautions can keep you safe while driving and out of trouble while off the track.

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