How Much To Rent Bristol Motor Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee is one of the most historic sports venue in the United States. It is best known for hosting the Annual Bristol 500, one of the most prestigious Grand Prix races in the country. The track was first opened in 1927 and is owned and operated by the Speedway Corporation.

The track runs on a Saturday night, which makes it slightly less convenient for those wanting to attend sporting events. However, at least the site is open on Friday nights as well as Saturday mornings.

The track is divided into two straightaways and a tri-oval. The outer ring is a little over a mile in circumference, while the two straightaways are just over a mile long. The infield is a little under a mile and a half and the tri-oval is also just over a mile in circumference. All these factors make for a very compact and exciting motorsport venue.

Is It Worth Renting?

The track is best known for its annual Bristol 500, which takes place each year in the spring. The race is a 500-mile point-to-point and has been compared to the Indy 500, for its magnitude and popularity. About 100,000 people attend the event each year, making it one of the biggest sporting competitions in the country.

The track was built in the 1920s and was originally designed to host horse racing. Over the years, it has hosted notable Grand Prix races, as well as the Indy 500. The track still hosts local and regional horse racing events, which are open to the public. It is also used for car and motorcycle racing, as well as having several museums devoted to the history of motor vehicles. The track has also been known to host weddings and bachelor parties, which is something the venues at Disney World can’t claim.

For those wanting to rent the venue for a corporate outing, community gathering, or other special event, the price is not exactly cheap. A standard Saturday night at the track is $55,000 and up. For comparison, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which is also owned by the Speedway Corporation, charges $32,000 for a Saturday night.

Other options include using the speedway for a college dorm room party, where guests will have the opportunity to see a live concert and compete in an exciting motorsports competition. If you’re looking for an affordable yet memorable night out with friends and family, renting Bristol Motor Speedway is a good option.

What Amenities Does It Offering?

The speedway offers a variety of amenities for those wanting to take a break from the thrill of competition. The track features several bars and restaurants, as well as an entire circus theme. There’s also an IMAX Theater, which shows daily reels of racing footage and classic film clips. The venue also contains a gift shop, catering and espresso bars. The speedway has its own airport, which is located adjacent to the facility. It also offers weekly and daily shuttle services to and from the airport. For those wanting to spend the night, there are several hotels within a short distance of the property.

Bristol Motor Speedway also contains a visitor center, which gives riders, motorists, and tourists a glimpse into the history of the site. One of the best parts of the center is the Hall of Honor, which contains the names of all the inductees into the International Racing Hall of Fame. The motorsports legends are enshrined in bronze and the center also offers a glimpse into the history of motorcycling, which is fascinating to those wanting to rent the venue.

The best part of the center is the museum, which contains exhibits dedicated to the history of motor vehicles. There’s also a replica of the Indianapolis 500 trophy, which is the most prestigious racing trophy in the country. Those wanting to rent the site will not soon forget this grand prize.

The average rate per night at the venue is around $125, which is not exactly cheap, but it’s a great way to experience American racing culture.

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