How Steep Is The Slope At Atlanta Motor Speedway? [Solved!]

For some motorsports fans, the idea of attending a race and not being able to see the entire track is a deal breaker. Atlanta Motor Speedway, the site of the sport’s premier event, the All-Star Race, is located in the northern suburbs of the city and has a unique design that fans around the world have come to know and love. However, the track is relatively small and tucked away in a heavily wooded area, making it more difficult for fans to get a good look at the entire layout. Thankfully, there is a way to see almost all of it from the air – with a little help from Google Earth. So let’s take a quick look at how detailed the aerial view is, as well as how you can get there and back without a problem.

The Track Design

The design of Atlanta Motor Speedway is unique and has become a bit of an icon among motorsports enthusiasts. The speedway is actually made up of two separate tracks – a 3.5-mile oval and a 1.75-mile rectangular shape. Together, the two tracks offer a bit over 6-miles of racing. A bit of context here: six miles equals one quarter of a mile. So basically, that’s what we have: a quarter of a mile of dirt and a quarter of a mile of asphalt. This unique combination makes for a very interesting racing surface. Just try and keep your eyes open for the jumps and the turns, as they are quite a sight to behold. Especially since they often appear in the unexpected. For instance, if you’re coming from the back, a turn ahead could look like the road is at a right angle to the race track.

One of the things that makes Atlanta Speedway such an iconic track is the uniqueness of the turns and the jumps. While most tracks have straightaways, in the Northern suburbs we’re blessed with many curves and a few hills. This unique combination makes for some very exciting races, especially considering how well the cars handle in curves. And considering how tight some of these curves are, there’s plenty of opportunity for passing – provided you know how to pass, that is. So aside from the unusual track layout, the other thing that makes Atlanta Speedway unique and special is the names given to some of the corners and turns. Here’s a short list:

  • Black Rock Curve
  • Masters Boulevard
  • Rockingham Road
  • Sheffield Avenue
  • Burlington Northern Railway
  • Pemberton Heights Road
  • Buckhead
  • Devil’s Drop
  • Twin Bridges Road
  • Perimeter Park Road
  • Woodstock Road
  • Grayson Road
  • Homewood Drive
  • Arlington
  • Wormhole
  • Cobb County
  • Lumpkin Terraces

Where Do You Park?

So you have your pass, you have your parking pass, and you’re ready to go. Where do you park? There are lots of options here, but the most logical place to park is at the top of the hill. The view is breathtaking and the walk down to the track is beautiful. However, there is one major drawback to parking at the top of the hill: it’s a long walk down. Especially in the heat of summer. Going down the hill is hot, going up the hill is even hotter. During our visit in mid-June, it was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit when we parked at the top of the hill. So if you want to take a scenic walk down to the track, try and find a shady area near the bottom of the hill. This way, you’ll be thankful for the elevation when the sun beats down. Otherwise, you’ll suffer the fate of most drivers at the Atlanta Speedway: overheating and then having to cool your vehicle down before you can start it again. On that note, here’s another tip: check the weather before you go. If it’s looking cloudy or if there’s any sort of precipitation in the forecast, pack your umbrella and raincoat. And above all, make sure you bring your cooler with you – it’s unbearably hot on the walk down and you’ll thank us for the ice water later.

Will You Need A Crewmember With You?

When we first arrived at the parking lot, there was another Mercedes parked next to ours. We didn’t know why it was parked there, as there was no one inside. So we approached the car to find out what was going on. When we opened the door, there was a gentleman in the driver’s seat. He was wearing a reflective vest and had a crash helmet in his hands. He introduced himself as Tommy – and as we were about to find out, he was the safety driver for the day. Before we could ask any questions, he quickly pulled out his phone and began sending texts. He quickly got back to work after that and didn’t bother us again. However, looking back, it’s clear that he was just taking care of his job duty for the day and didn’t mean any harm by it. We were just a little curious and scared as hell. We were also a little bit worried about walking down to the track due to all the cars and bikes that were going by. Luckily, we didn’t meet with any accidents on the way down. If anything, it was the tires that suffered the most. As you walk down the hill, cars will come racing towards you. Some of them will be going fast, some of them will be going slow. It’s up to you to decide how much danger you’re willing to face. One way or another, you’re going to end up on the ground at some point. Hopefully, it won’t be due to a bicycle accident.

The Walk Down To The Track

The walk down to the track is pretty breathtaking. The long drive down the hill and the occasional passing cars make for an incredible view. If you’re going down for the day, make sure you bring a little camera with you. Even though the cars are flying past you, it’s still possible to take a good photo or two. And if you get a chance to walk up the backside, it’s a great way to get a view of the whole track. It’s a long walk, so why not? The walk starts at the top of the hill where you parked. After that, it’s all downhill. The walk is a little over a mile and it takes about 15 minutes to reach the entrance gate. Once you get there, you have to wait in line to get a good view of the track. The line moves pretty quickly, so don’t worry about being late. Inside, there are concession stands and restaurants, as well as souvenir stands and shirts for sale. There’s also a large digital display that shows the upcoming race times and other information – provided there’s no severe weather in the forecast, of course. Once you get your binoculars and find a good spot on the track, it’s time to buckle up and get ready for the greatest spectacle in motorsports: the All-Star Race. If you’re into cars, this is the race you’ll want to see. It’s one of the premier events held at Atlanta Speedway and features some of the best drivers in the world. And if you’re a first-time visitor, it’s definitely a good idea to check out the All-Star Race. Even if you’re familiar with the track, it’s always a good idea to attend an All-Star Race just to see how it operates. And remember: the more you know about racing, the more you’ll enjoy yourself. So here are a few tips:

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