How Tall Is Bristol Motor Speedway? [Answered!]

Bristol Motor Speedway is a motorsport venue located in the US state of Tennessee. It is colloquially known as the “mother of all American speedways” due to the fact that it was the first to host an official NASCAR race back in 1947. Since then, the track has gone on to host some of the most memorable races in the history of motorsport, with the most recent being the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (MENCS) season opener. The track is currently owned by the Bruton Smith family, who also own the rival Nashville Speedway and have a controlling stake in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. In this article, we will discuss the height restrictions for visiting the Bristol Motor Speedway as well as some helpful tips for when you arrive at the track so you can enjoy your time there without any trouble.

Is There A Height Restriction?

Yes, there is a modest height restriction at Bristol Motor Speedway. You must be at least 5’7” to enter the venue. There is also a “no pushing” policy in place, which is designed to ensure that all patrons have a good view of the action on the track. If you violate this rule, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

Taking The Limited Height Into Consideration

When you arrive at the venue, you will need to adjust your breathing apparatus (helmet) to take into consideration the restriction. This will make a noticeable difference to your overall experience at the track. When the track’s legendary (and quite tall) fireman Jack Briscoe was asked how tall he had to be to work at a small venue like Bristol Speedway, he reportedly replied: “As tall as the building!”

If you are merely 5’7”, you will find it impossible to work some of the positions at Bristol Motor Speedway. For instance, if you are in the grandstands or the pits, you will be unable to see over the top of the grandstands. As well, many of the pits are too low for you to see over the head of the person working there. To truly enjoy yourself at the track, you need to consider this height restriction and make the most of the fact that you are short.

Tip: Wear Comfortable Shoes

One of the most important things you need to do before you visit Bristol Motor Speedway is to ensure that your shoes are comfortable. If you are not used to walking in high heels, this can be difficult. Although many of the venues and attractions at Bristol Speedway are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the combination of high heels and large crowds can easily cause you to stumble and perhaps even fall. This can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening, especially if you are not used to wearing high heels or if you have any form of cerebral palsy (in which case, safety should always be a primary consideration).

To avoid this, wear comfortable shoes. If you are planning on wearing heels, make sure that you have a pair of good-quality shoes that you are accustomed to wearing. If you are a nervous walker, visit the venue earlier in the day so that you have time to get used to the strange feeling of walking in heels. Also, try on several pairs of shoes before making a decision. This will ensure that you pick out the ones that feel the best for you.

Where Can I Park My Car?

While it is generally not a problem to find a spot near the venue, it is best to find a legal and safe place to park. You will be surprised at how many people try to find illegal parking spots, especially near the buildings. The police have begun patrolling the area near the building since a number of car crashes have occurred there over the years. It is also important to find a legal spot since towing and impound fees can be expensive.

Which Way To The Restrooms?

It is important to know where the restrooms are located if you are visiting the venue. Some people find it difficult to navigate the large crowds that are near the food stalls and dart bombs when looking for a restroom. If you have a large family with you, you should also know where the family restrooms are located. If you visit Bristol Speedway during an event, the restrooms may not be signage posted and it may be difficult to find them without getting lost.

Is There A Dress Code?

Yes, there is a no-frills dress code at Bristol Motor Speedweay. You must wear business casual attire or at least cover your upper body with a shirt. Jeans, shorts and tank tops are forbidden, as are any form of body paint. The fireman Jack Briscoe once said: “There is no fooling with motorsport. It will either hurt you or it will hurt someone you love.” This is especially important if you are going to be in the vicinity of the swinging darts and loud noises from the racing cars. The last thing you want to do is distract the sporting attendees from what they are there to see.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Bristol Motor Speedway?

The best time to visit Bristol Speedway is between April and October. This is when the weather is pleasant and there are fewer people in the stands, making it easier to navigate. If you are going to be in the area anyway, then September is a good month to visit since many of the racers will have already retired from the sport.

The downside to visiting Bristol Speedway is that the stands are open from April to October and the weather can be extremely changeable. If you are planning on visiting the area in the winter, make sure that you bring lots and lots of warm clothing. Many places don’t have an easy access to heat and many of the attendees will be wearing long coats. This is partially due to the weather and partially due to the fact that it’s cold and hard to move around in high heels in winter.

How Do I Get In Trouble At Bristol Motor Speedway?

If you are going to be at Bristol Motor Speedway and you want to have fun, you need to follow the rules and regulations. You may find that breaking some of these rules will result in you being asked to leave the premises. Here are some of the things you need to keep an eye out for:

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