How To Beat Metro Speedway Spyro 2? [Expert Guide!]

A few months back, we tested the recently released Nintendo Switch Lite. We were really impressed by how light the Switch is, how easy it is to use, and how much it does. Even better, all of this can be done while holding the system in the “horizontal” position. Now that the Switch is available for purchase, it’s time to see how well it holds up against more than a decade of video game history! Let’s take a look at how to defeat the legendary speedy bird from Nintendo in the all-new Nintendo Switch.

The Good

First off, the Switch is a fantastic piece of equipment. It was created with the mobile gamer in mind which means that it has a wide range of compatibility. This is crucial because regardless of whether you’re playing on a small screen or a large one, the Switch adjusts the gameplay to fit perfectly. Moreover, the screen is responsive, which means that even when playing on a small device the graphics are fantastic and the action keeps up!

The only real downside to the Switch is that it doesn’t have a physical console. In theory, this means that the device is more prone to malfunction than usual since there aren’t any physical parts to break or wear out. Moreover, removing dust from the screen is nearly impossible without taking the whole device apart. For these reasons, it’s important to take good care of the Switch.

The Bad

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the much larger, more powerful PS4. While the Switch is great, it has some clear weaknesses when compared to the competition. First, the screen is much smaller and less responsive than the competition. The resolution is also quite low by today’s standards which definitely affects the overall quality when playing on a large TV. Moreover, since the Switch is not a traditional console, it doesn’t have the power to drive multiple displays which can be problematic if you’re playing on a TV and using a separate device to play on the go.

Overall, the Switch is a fantastic piece of equipment that does a lot of things right. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the power of a traditional console which makes playing certain games problematic. Games like Mario and Zelda are perfect examples of this because although they’re portable, you still need a powerful device in order to play them. If you’re looking for a device that you can bring anywhere and play comfortably, the Switch is still a fantastic choice since it’s extremely lightweight and functional. Moreover, the added versatility of being able to play in either a handheld mode or a TV mode is also unparalleled in its class. For these reasons, the Switch is our number two choice among the three contenders!

The Ugly

The last but not least item on our list is the XBox One. As the name would suggest, the Xbox One is the ultimate evolution of the original Xbox. It improves on virtually every aspect of its predecessor, implementing technological advancements such as variable refresh rates, improved disc reading, and support for 4K TV’s. Overall, the Xbox One is a fantastic device but it doesn’t offer anything new that the Switch or PS4 don’t already have. Moreover, even the most compact and portable of the three devices still needs to be plugged in and powered on to work. This can be problematic especially if you’re on the move since charging stations aren’t exactly commonplace. Finally, the Xbox One is quite expensive and can cost up to a ten-fold price of the Nintendo Switch. If you want to purchase the device, you’re better off investing in one of the other two options since there’s definitely no saving grace in terms of price when compared to the Switch or PS4.

That’s our quick summary of the three major gaming devices as released this year. Now that you know the basics, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and find out which one is truly capable of dethroning the mighty Switch.

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