How To Beat Metro Speedway Spyro? [Answered!]

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If you’re looking to truly excel at Metro Speedway, you’re in luck because we’ve got you covered on this front. In this episode of the How To Beat Podcast, we’re going to teach you the tricks of the trade that will make you a force to be reckoned with in Franchise mode. Let’s get into it.

The Basics Of Car Handling

Even though the cars in Metro Speedway are more flashy and have more sophisticated handling, you don’t need to be intimidated by them. The basics of car handling in this game are pretty easy. You just need to know where to put your weight when driving and how fast you can go at certain levels.

Let’s start with the weight distribution. When you drive, you need to keep your hands on the wheel and steady yourself with your knees. Too many laps in a row will make you feel like you’re losing control. When that happens, it’s usually because you’re putting too much weight in the front of the car. You need to shift your weight toward the back to regain some stability. Just make sure you don’t lean too far back or put all your weight there either. That’s when you start having issues because you can only control the speed of the car with your weight. Try finding a nice middle ground where you can put your hands confidently and still feel like you’re in charge.

Learn The Tracks

Unlike most racing games where the tracks are laid out in a straightforward manner and the goal is to simply outrun your opponent, Metro Speedway gives you a more of a challenge by placing one track on top of another. You can move up and down these tracks using the nearby boost spots which make it all the more interesting because you have to predict where your opponent will be ahead of time. Some of the tracks can get pretty tricky, so you need to be aware of that when you’re planning your strategy. Remember: it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Learn How To Use The Nitro

Another important aspect of gameplay is learning how to use the nitro, the game’s primary resource. The nitro is what you need to take on the first lap, but it’s also what you need to spend most of your time protecting because it gives you an extra speed boost whenever you need it. You can buy it from the shop at the beginning of each race and use it strategically to pull off some incredible moves. However, if you overuse it, you’ll slowly eat away at your energy and it won’t be long before you need to refuel.

Learn How To Score Points

Another way to improve your gameplay is by learning how to score points. You accumulate these points in various ways while completing laps and races, but the best way to earn them is by hitting the brakes at just the right time during the race. Doing this allows you to knock off some of your competitors and gain a brief moment of superiority, but it also gives you a chance to grab some nitro and gain an extra boost. Points also give you an advantage in the form of a drivetrain bonus which gives you more speed all of a sudden. Learning how to find the right moment to hit the brakes and earning more points than your opponent is the key to victory.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Finally, we need to talk about practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional gamer or an enthusiast who just loves to race vehicles, practice is essential. You can’t win the game just by following the rules of engagement, you need to be putting in the hours to perfect your craft. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours a day practicing, but instead, take some time at the end of each day to go over your previous race and correct any mistakes you may have made. Racing is a game of mistakes, it’s all about learning from them. When you make a mistake, you can either choose to keep going, or you can hit the brakes and perform an emergency stop. This gives you a chance to examine what happened and correct it. It’s all about being smart and practicing until you’re perfect.

With all that being said it’s important to remember that the game isn’t all about winning. The fun factor in this game is pretty high because of all the crashes and exciting events that occur on the tracks. It’s about having fun while you’re driving and trying to outrun your competition, but if you want to improve your gameplay you need to be taking all of this into consideration. If you want to be a champion, you’re going to have to work hard to achieve that goal, but it’s also going to be worth it.

At the end of the day, racing is all about having fun while competing, but if you want to be the best, you’re going to have to put in the work. What are your thoughts on how to beat Metro Speedway Spyro? Let us know in the comments below, or on our social media platforms:

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