How To Buy Cars From The Texas World Speedway? [Ultimate Guide!]

If you’ve ever been to an auto rally, you know exactly how powerful cars can be. You might also know how expensive they can be. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to a loophole in the law, you can buy cars at fantastic prices from the Texas World Speedway. Here’s how.

The Law

In October 2017, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1842. The bill amends the Motor Vehicle Code to allow car dealerships to negotiate sales price and provide other concessions.

Before the changes, car dealerships in Texas had to take what the market would bear. The new law gives them the right to negotiate prices with the individual selling the car. Additionally, the dealerships have a floor and ceiling price they must adhere to. These changes make it easier for car buyers to get top dollar for their vehicles.

The Texas World Speedway

The Texas World Speedway is a race track in Milam, Texas. The 1.5-mile track is home to the American Motorcycle Association’s (AMA) Twins Classic motorcycle race each April and the Texas Motorcycle Classic in September. In October, the 2.25-mile track hosts the World Finals Rims Championship.

The speedway opened in 1963 and initially operated as a quarter-mile dirt oval. In 1975, the track was paved and its name was changed to the Texas World Speedway. It has been host to numerous motorsport events, including the Texoma Classic and the Texoma Race Weekend. In 2017, it hosted the Verizon IndyCar Series, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series (MEPS), and the NASCAR Xfinity Series. The speedway annually draws crowds of more than 500,000 people.

How to Buy A Car From The Texas World Speedway

Although it’s not in Texas, knowing the law is vital to navigating its confusing regulations. First, find the nearest DMV and get a car registration. This process will give you a license plate you can use in lieu of a driver’s license. Second, find a lawyer you can trust to advise you on proper negotiating strategies. Third, become a member of the Automobile Dealers Association (ADA) and gain access to its database of cars for sale. Finally, be patient and maintain good communication with the salesperson selling you the car. You’ll soon find that being well-versed in the law is key to getting the best price possible.

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