How To Charge Nascar Ultimate Speedway Track Set? [Expert Guide!]

The Nascar Ultimate Speedway Track Set is a magnificent piece of kit, designed so you can recreate the magic of the sport’s biggest events at home. But, like many other things in life, the cost can be a little higher than you’d bargain for.

So how much do you actually need to spend to own one? We spoke to a professional racer to see what his thoughts were on the matter.

The Total Cost To Own This Equipment

To begin with, let’s discuss the cost of the Nascar Ultimate Speedway Track Set itself. It currently retails for £269.99, which is actually pretty good value for such a high-quality piece of kit. But you might be tempted to buy cheaper alternatives if you’re looking for a cheaper price tag.

However, you’ll still need to purchase the Nascar head, which is an additional cost of £29.99. The Nascar wallet and cap also come as a set and retail for £19.99. So the whole package will set you back £269.99, which is a decent amount of money if you ask us.

The Total Cost To Operate This Equipment

The Nascar Ultimate Speedway Track Set isn’t just a piece of kit; it’s also a full-fledged operation. You’ll need to set up a time when you can use it, of course, and you’ll also need to purchase a licence, which costs £10.99 per year. You can do all of these things at Take a look:

Operating The Nascar Ultimate Speedway Track Set

You can’t just purchase the Nascar Ultimate Speedway Track Set and be able to use it straight away. It takes a little bit of setup before you can even think about riding. So if you want to make the most of this piece of kit, you’ll need to invest a little bit of time in it. This is also assuming you have a suitable track in your backyard. If not, you’ll need to take it out for some practice runs before you can truly enjoy the experience.

The Total Cost To Maintain This Equipment

As we’ve established, operating the Nascar Ultimate Speedway Track Set isn’t solely for leisure purposes. You’ll need to take regular charges out of it too. These are usually around £20 per month plus the cost of the consumables you use. The tires are the biggest culprit here. They require continuous replacement and can get expensive. Brake pads and disc brakes also require servicing, though this is less frequent than the tires. So in total, you’ll spend around £40 per month on your Nascar Ultimate Speedway Track Set, plus the initial cost of setup.

Given all of this, it’s clear to see that this isn’t something you’ll want to buy on a whim. Make sure you’ve thought about the cost and operation of owning a Nascar Ultimate Speedway Track Set before making a purchase. If you do decide to go for it, make sure you’re aware of all of its costs before doing so.

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