How To Get Into Hodunk Speedway? [Facts!]

The name “Hodunk” might just mean “one-stop-shop” to you. If not, maybe it’s time to visit this popular Amish flea market which is literally a one-stop-shop for farm equipment and home décor.

The only difference is that while most of the merchandise at Hodunk is “brand-new”, the old-fashioned way, there is also a whole lot of “gently used” stuff available. Hence, the name “Hodunk” which can be roughly translated as “old farm equipment” or “thrifty”. This bucolic getaway is situated right next to Pennsylvania and has been around for more than a century.

The Best Time To Visit

Hodunkspeedway is situated in a rural area of Indiana so the best time to visit is definitely off-season. Even in the summer, the temperature rarely gets above 75 degrees Fahrenheit which makes for cozy (if a bit dusty) ambiance. Fall and spring are peak times at Hodunkspeedway with the former being the best time to visit if you want the full experience of an Amish flea market. Be aware that while it might not be particularly busy during the week, the place really comes alive on the weekends.

Nowadays, Amish people from across the region come to Hodunkspeedway to trade with each other. The place is also a popular spot for tourists so there will always be someone around to help you even if you don’t know a single word in English. Crowds of shoppers as well as lots of outside vendors often mean lots of noise, so if you’re looking for a peaceful getaway this might not be the place for you.

Getting To Hodunkspeedway

By car, take Indiana State Road 38 east from State Road 37 in Horseheads. You will pass through a small town and reach a junction with State Road 8. Bear right and take the first exit which will lead you directly to Hodunk’s entrance.

Alternatively, take the Pennsylvania Turnpike to Interstate 68 west. Exit at the State Road 37/Hodunk interchange. Turn right and follow the signs to the speedway.

From Interstate 68, take the Pennsylvania Turnpike south. Exit at the State Road 37/Hodunk interchange. Turn right and follow the signs to the speedway.

By bus, take the Number 37 bus from Williamsport (on the South Side) to the SR 37/Hodunk stop in Horseheads. From there, follow the above instructions.

What To Bring

When visiting a flea market, the best thing is to be prepared for whatever the climate is like. You never know what sort of weather you will encounter so making sure you are completely covered is key. Fortunately, it doesn’t get cold enough for the Northern Lights to appear at least part of the year, so you won’t have to worry about covering up too much. Just make sure you are warmly dressed.

When going to Hodunkspeedway, you will have to deal with the wind. Yes, that thing that howls across the open fields and brings with it a feeling that you are far away from everything. It can be disconcerting to say the least. Therefore, it is advisable to bring some warm clothes and a sweater to lay in. If you plan on visiting the place in the winter, you might want to bring a parka or a ski jacket. In a pinch, you could borrow one from a local Amish shop (ask first).

The Visa Requirements

What is your country of residence?

You will need to coordinate with the Amish community in your area to see whether they accept guests or not. The best idea would be to call them beforehand and find out what their policy is. The same goes for the bank. You might want to contact them as well and find out whether they will accept credit cards.

There are two ways to purchase items at Hodunkspeedway. One is to use cash or a credit card but keep in mind that there are limitations as to what you can purchase. The other option is to bring a check with you. However, it is best to coordinate with the Amish beforehand as checks tend to be processed slower than credit cards. In terms of what you can buy, it is best to consult the sign posted at the entranceway. This way, you will know for sure whether you can take a particular item with you when you leave. If you run into any problems, be sure to ask for help from an Amish person who is well-versed in English. Most of them will be happy to help you as they see tourists as a potential source of income.

The Price Of Admission

How much does it cost to get in?

This will depend on several factors. First, the time of day you arrive. Second, how many consecutive days you wish to visit. Third, whether you are there during the week or the weekend. Fourth, if you are a senior or a child.

It generally costs $18 for adults and $9 for children (6-12 years old). There is also an option of paying yearly or joining the Hodunkspeedway Freedom Club which grants you access to the entire flea market for free. This payment option is widely accepted. Lastly, contact the Amish in your area to find out whether they accept credit cards or not. This is important as many places of worship do not allow cash payments because of the possibility of fraud.

In summary, visiting an Amish flea market is a wonderful way to get a glimpse of the local culture. However, keep in mind that it is not for everyone. If you are looking for a quiet weekend getaway, stay away from Hodunkspeedway. If you want to spend a day shopping, inquire about the prices first before committing.

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