How To Get Money Off At Speedway With Rewards Card? [Expert Review!]

The Speedway Cash Back rewards card offers customers 2% cash back on all purchases. You can receive the cash back in the form of a check, through direct deposit into your bank account, or even in the form of a merchandise credit that you can use at the store! The benefits of this card are countless. Here are just a few examples:

No Interested

Let’s say you’re shopping online and make a purchase worth $1,000. Your savings account is already 20% down (the qualifying interest rate for the card is prime + 3%). With the 2% rewards card, you will have $200 in your wallet. That’s a total of $300 you will not have to pay for the $1,000 you spent. Awesome!

If you are planning on visiting the store, you can use the rewards card to take advantage of their special deals. At the store, you will see ads for discounts and special offers. On the back of the card, there is a little button that you can press to get the exact same offers. When you make a purchase worth $25 or more at a store with the brand name of Nike, for example, you will get a free drink. The best part is that you did not have to make a special trip to the store to get the offer. It was right there on your phone. You make the purchase, and the offer is applied. A store employee may even greet you with the offer as you leave the store.

More Savings

By getting the 2% cash back rewards card, you effectively doubled your savings account. The key takeaway from this example is that your money is working hard for you. Now suppose you decide to make another purchase worth $1,000. This time instead of going into your savings account, you decide to use the 2% rewards card and earn an additional $200 in cash back. In this way, you effectively saved $400. What’s more is that you are continuing to build up your savings. There is no limit to how many times you can swipe this card and achieve additional savings. The sky is the limit!

Let’s say you are carrying a $5,000 balance on your credit card. If you want to make a purchase worth $1,000, you will have to pay off the remaining $4,000. With the 2% rewards card, you will have $2 in your wallet from the $6,000 you started with. Not bad for day-to-day living expenses. You should have a large number of savings accounts now. Why? Because with the 2% rewards card, your money is effectively working twice as hard. Let’s say you have two savings accounts with a total of $7,000 in them. You will have to make a decision on how you want to use the money you have amassed. Do you want to pay off the credit card or use the savings to make another purchase? You can use the 2% rewards card to pay off your credit card. You will be amazed at how much easier life is when your money is working hard for you. You will notice less stress and more peace in your life. When you combine hard work with financial freedom, life can become very comfortable. Very comfortable, indeed.

More Freedom

Do you want to be free from debt? Do you want to be able to make instant spending decisions? Then you should take advantage of the 2% cash back rewards card. Whenever you make a purchase worth $25 or more, you can enjoy the freedom to spend what you want without needing to worry about your finances. You can apply for the 2% rewards card in the store via a mobile device. When you leave the store, you can make instant spending decisions without needing to worry about upcoming bills. This type of freedom and control is invaluable. It gives you the ability to determine your own destiny. You can make the best decisions for your life. You can achieve greatness. All because you have the financial resources to support your decisions.

The key takeaway from this example is that getting the 2% cash back rewards card provides you with freedom. Not only is it convenient to apply for the card in the store, but also you can get the rewards even when you are spending online. So, if you are looking to take advantage of a potential gift card or just want to earn some extra cash back, apply for the 2% Cash Back rewards card today!

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