How To Get The Thing In Canyon Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

There was once a town in Kentucky where speed was a virtue. They named it Canyon Speedway because everything – including people – moved slowly. These days, we are not just a nation of consumers, but also a people of truckers and their lorries. We are very much a part of the modern world and live in a different reality now. In this case, reality really is a little different. Imagine being dropped off in a strange town and being expected to behave in a different way to the people around you. That is sort of what you get when you visit the famous racetrack in Canyon, Kentucky. It is a place of strange contrasts. On the one hand, you have truckers with enormous rigs and heavy machines, bustling the place. On the other hand, you have residents, mostly older generations, who have their daily routine and stick to it. There is rarely any kind of in-between, which, as we know, makes for interesting conversation. When you visit this part of the country, you need to expect the unexpected.

The thing is, truckers have long memories. They don’t forget the places that don’t want them around, and neither do they forget the unwritten rules that governed what was and was not acceptable behavior. These days, everything has changed, but the truckers’ memories go back a long way. They don’t like fast cars, but they especially don’t like reckless drivers. That, however, is practically impossible to find these days. Even the locals avoid reckless driving, so the chances of anyone getting pulled over are pretty low. Still, you never know when something unexpected might happen. If you want to find out more, continue reading.

The Racetrack

Canyon Speedway USA is one of the country’s best-known race tracks. It has hosted various motorsport events, from motorbikes and snowmobiles to NASCAR. What it is most famous for, however, is its steep banking and long straightaways, which make for some of the most spectacular racing ever. The wall-to-wall crowd attending these events simply adore it. Sadly, the track is a dying breed. Racetracks like this one are becoming increasingly rare as people seek out the safety and convenience of automated traffic lights and GPS navigation. Nevertheless, the truckers who were there for the early morning opening still make their way to the track every weekend. They travel from all over the country to attend a race there. It is, essentially, life-simulation. If you appreciate pure, adrenaline-pumping action and don’t mind the occasional hunch, you could easily spend a day or even an entire weekend at Canyon. What is more, parts of the track are still privately owned, so you will never know what gems lie hidden there for the taking. Bring a hunch, a camera, and your wits – it isn’t often you can find such a unique, historical place with all the modern amenities.

What To Do

It wouldn’t be a visit to Canyon Speedway without first getting the obligatory selfie in front of the famous wall of fame, which pays homage to the greatest names in motorsport. After that, continue on to the paddock area, where visitors will see all the trucks and bikers lined up. It is tradition for drivers to give a short speech before the start of the event, so you will probably end up in the same conversation with a trucker or two. It is worth planning in advance, so you can have a chat and get a feel for what is going on. Some of the topics they might touch on include the state of the industry, the difficulties of running a small business, and even the weather. It is always interesting talking to people from different walks of life – in this case, the very diverse group of drivers and enthusiasts who come to Canyon Speedway every Saturday – about their opinions and how they feel about certain things. Since many of them are very passionate about what they do, you might learn a lot just by listening. It is also one of the few places in the country where children can openly ask questions about motorsport and get a satisfactory answer. The kids will probably have more insight than you think – they will have grown up with technology and social media, and have seen an unprecedented amount of information available at the tips of their fingers. Don’t underestimate them. They might even know the answer you are looking for. If you do end up stumped, they will certainly have the tech skill to help you out.

Where To Stay

There are quite a few hotels in the area, although not too many that you would actually want to stay in. The track offers a VIP experience for those who can pay extra. If you want to take a more affordable route, there is also a decent amount of guesthouses and even a few motels. No matter what your budget is, there is something available for you. Since everything in this area runs on a hitchhiking culture, it would be wise to bring a bike and save money on your travels – the motel rooms aren’t exactly welcoming, and there aren’t that many places to stay where you can plug in and charge your electronics. If you do end up in a guesthouse, make sure you are in touch with the management so they don’t think you are some kind of weirdo who barged in without notice. Being a bit too loud or too quiet can cause complications later on. Also, try not to bring any pets – there are plenty of hotels that don’t allow pets, so you will not be able to leave your furry friend at home. The downside of not being able to leave your pet at home is that you will have to spend a lot of money on animal care while you are away. It can get rather pricey, so be mindful of that. Finally, make sure you have read and understood the rules and laws of wherever you are going. You don’t want to pop the wrong button and end up in a serious jam.

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