How To Get To Bristol Speedway In Lights? [Expert Guide!]

When it comes to motorsport and rallying, there is only one place that matters. That would be England’s Bristol Motor Speedway, home of the World’s Leading Lap Lane.

For those not familiar, Bristol is located just a few miles from the city of Bristol, and it was originally built in 1914. Later in the 20th century, the track was expanded to its current size (1.85 miles) and became one of the world’s great motorsport venues. Each year, the World’s Greatest Lap Lane is the object of fierce competition, and many fans travel from all over the world to take a peek from the comfort of their living rooms.

If you have even the slightest interest in motorsport, you really need to make a trip to Bristol this year. Here are my top 5 ways to get to Bristol.

By Train

If you are traveling by car, you have two options. You can either take the M34/M5 to Junction 12 and follow the signs to the speedway, or you can take the A4102 to Temple Meads and follow the signs to the speedway.

The first option takes you directly to the stadium. You will pass over the River Avon, which flows through the city of Bristol. The second option takes you to Temple Meads, where you can transfer to a local bus or taxi for the final leg to the stadium. This option is probably the best if you are staying in a nearby hotel.

By Car

For those seeking a more scenic route, you can also reach Bristol by car. The M5 westbound from London will take you directly there. From there, it’s just a short drive to the stadium.

There are several large car parks at Bristol. You can find cheaper rates in the early morning or late afternoon, so check the websites for the best deals.

By Air

Airports in the UK have improved in leaps and bounds in recent years, with many no longer requiring you to go through security checks. Just like other major sports venues around the world, Bristol has an airport. The closest airport to the stadium is Bristol International Airport. It is located just seven miles from the stadium.

A trip to the airport is easy. Just follow the signs and within minutes you will be at the airport. You can get a taxi or take the bus to your destination. The Bristol Airport bus stop is straight ahead as you exit the arrivals hall. Taxis line up outside the arrivals hall, so you can be sure to grab one quickly as you exit the airport.

On Foot

If you are seeking something more adventurous, you can also reach Bristol on foot. The Bristol City Walk is a popular route among tourists, and it takes you past beautiful parks and through lively squares. You will be able to catch buses or taxis to take you to your destination. This is by far the most scenic route to the stadium, especially if you take the blue route – the Roman Road. On this route, you will pass through the cities of Bath and Clifton before arriving at the speedway. You can get a drink at the Clifton Village Inn on your way to watch the cars go around the 1.85 mile track. The journey from one of the city’s iconic spas to the other is a beautiful one.

It’s not all about the grandstand view though. The most memorable parts of a Bristol race come from the pits. The drivers and their crews are usually housed in spacious wooden garages that have roof-mounted cameras behind the headlining. These are the parts that you don’t want to miss. The speedway is open from April to October each year, so make sure to check the website for the latest details.

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