How To Get To Route 66 Speedway? [Expert Guide!]

There is a lot that can be said about Route 66. For starters, it is a famous American road that connects Chicago and Los Angeles. It is also one of the most historic roads in the country. If you have even the slightest interest in American history, then you should consider visiting the route. There are lots of places along the route that you can stop off at and get a feel for the old west. You will see many classic cars and there will be lots of Americana brands, styles, and fashions that you can take a peek at. If you are coming from Chicago, then you will want to head west and the route will be on your right. If you are coming from Los Angeles, then you should probably take the opposite direction, northeast.

The Historic Route 66

Route 66 was initially built as a military road during the American Civil War. It was constructed to connect Chicago with the mining towns in New Mexico. This was in an effort to allow for more expeditious troop movement and to protect the commerce of the fledgling US. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that the route started to gain popularity with Americans traveling the country. Between the construction of the Hoover Dam and the creation of the Grand Canyon national park, there was plenty for anyone to see. These days, Route 66 is a popular route for road trips and for those who want to take a trip back in time.

One of the most historic parts of the route is the Mother Road. This is a nickname given to the section of highway that runs between Chicago and Los Angeles. It is also a colloquialism used to refer to the entire route. Between the two cities, there are 14 interchanges and over 100 restaurants and gas stations along the way. This is mainly because of the large numbers of people who started stopping off on their way to Los Angeles or Chicago in the early 20th century. Today, Route 66 is closed to regular automotive traffic but there are occasional motorcycle and tourist traffic throughout the year.

Getting To Route 66

If you want to get to Route 66, then you should look into taking the scenic route. This is the fastest and the most convenient way to get there. From Chicago, take I-55 Southbound for 50 miles. This will bring you to the Corn Belt and the town of Davenport, where you will want to exit and head west on Main Street. Stay on this street until you hit the town of Galesburg. At this point, you will want to take the Central Avenue exit and head north for about 10 miles until you reach Chicago Heights. As soon as you enter the city limits of Chicago, take the Roosevelt Road exit and head west. Roosevelt Road will eventually lead you to the Mother Road. From Chicago, it is 295 miles to Los Angeles. The trip will take about 12 hours depending on traffic and how fast you are going. If you are coming from the west, then you will want to take the opposite direction and head east on I-55 for about 140 miles until you reach Indianapolis. From here, you will head north to Chicago. The entire route is well-maintained and open for vehicle traffic so you will not have any problems getting to your destinations.

What Will You See Along The Way?

The main attractions along the way to Route 66 are the classic cars. This is mainly because of the large numbers of people who drove the route in the early 20th century. There are lots of vintage cars that you can get a peek at, either parked somewhere along the road or driving by. If you do stop off at some point, then you should be able to get a good look at one of the cars. If you are coming from Chicago, then your best bet is to come off the interstate and take the scenic route. This will lead you past lots of beautiful farmlands and give you a good chance to spot some of the local residents. There are also a lot of small towns and villages where you can get a taste of Americana.

If you are coming from Los Angeles, then you will want to take the interstate. This is because there are lots of distractions along the way. You will see billboards and signs for the most popular movies and TV shows. Tourists will flock here to take a peek at the famous Hollywood sign. You will pass through the towns of Palm Springs and Indio. These are the sites of famous Palm Springs car auctions. Coming from the south, you will enter the town of Indio. This is where you will want to exit and head north on the 101 freeway. It is a straight shot north for 40 miles until you reach the exit for Pasadena. Pasadena is a city of arts and culture with lots of galleries and museums. From there, you will head north again on the 101 for another 40 miles until you reach another freeway, the 110. This freeway will take you past the airport and over the San Bernardino mountains. The road stays well off the beaten track and is not affected by traffic or construction. It is only open to large trucks and recreational vehicles. This is the way to get to the top of the San Bernadino mountain. Once you reach the summit, you will have a magnificent view of the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Route 66 is a very special place full of Americana. If you have an interest in the country’s history, then it is a must-see location. Seeing as how the majority of the route is now closed to car traffic, you will have to plan your journey in advance. You can get there by taking the scenic route or by driving on one of the freeways. Either way, it will be worth it. The country is beautiful and there are lots of attractions that you can see, all just sitting there waiting for you to come and visit.

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