How To Go To Clark International Speedway? [Updated!]

Hitting the road to Clark International Speedway in southern Indiana for a motorsport event? Hoping to catch the wave of nostalgia that engulfs many F1 fans whenever the name Bernie Ecclestone is mentioned? You’re in luck because we have you covered! Here’s how to go to Clark International Speedway to experience all that it has to offer, plus some.

Set Your Tripod

There may be several ways to get to Clark International Speedway, but you’re going to want to set your tripod (and maybe even your budget) before you set off. Here’s a rough guide to the various options:

Fly, Drive, or Bike

Depending on your plane ticket and how long you have to spend in the area, you may want to consider flying into Evansville or Nashville International Airport instead of the usual Indianapolis International Airport. The former two are considerably closer to the Kentucky border, and allow for more direct travel to the famed half-mile track. If you’re driving, expect to pay a bit more for gas because the distances are greater. However, you may find, as with many other iconic tracks, that the roads leading to Clark are often crowded, especially on weekend evenings or during holiday periods. In that case, a motorbike would be a wise choice, as long as you take the proper precautions.

Stay On The Right Track

There are several routes that you can take to reach Clark International Speedway. Take I-64 West to Exit 26 (Heritage Hill Road) and follow the signs to Route 9 North. Follow Route 9 North to the centerpoint, and you’ll be on your way to the track. Alternatively, if you’re coming from the Indianapolis area, take I-65 South towards Louisville. Just before you reach the outskirts of Evansville, you’ll want to take the Herrick Road exit, and continue on Herrick Road until you reach the centerpoint. Here you’ll find the track on your right.

No matter which direction you come from, going to Clark is going to be an experience. It’s one of the last holdouts from the golden age of American motorsport, and despite its remote location, you may find that the popularity of the track has not waned a bit. With any luck, this article will help you plan the perfect trip to the iconic track in southern Indiana. From there, you’re off to Nashville to see the Grand Ole Opry, and then on to Louisville for the big race. If you have any other iconic tracks or venues that you’d like to check out, feel free to add them in the comments section!

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