How To Play Sion Speedway? [Facts!]

The new racing game Sion has just released and we want to tell you about it. Sion is a game that has been years in the making and it is finally here! We will teach you the different ways to play Sion so that you can become familiar with the game and its mechanics. Let’s get started.

Single Player Or Local Multiplayer

Sion lets you either play by yourself against the computer or with up to three friends on one device via local multiplayer. There are also online multiplayer modes if you want to play against other people all over the world. Though playing locally against the computer is the most convenient option, in terms of pure skill it is best to play online. This way you can challenge faster and more experienced players from all over the world. In terms of pure skill, playing against the computer does result in a more enjoyable experience however. This is because the computer controls are already scripted and you don’t have to worry about making any wrong moves. There is also no interference from other players, which could potentially result in you crashing into them.

Easy To Use Controls

Sion’s controls are extremely easy to use and anyone can jump in and immediately start racing. In fact, the only real control required is the use of the A button to accelerate and the B button to brake. This allows for all kinds of different playing styles.

To make racing even more convenient, Sion ships with an optional controller. This controller is designed to feel as natural as possible when using a TV controller and it even has an additional acceleration button. In terms of playing style, using the direction keys on the keyboard is also a viable option. We would suggest using the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around and then pressing either the A or B buttons to accelerate or brake. This will help you avoid potentially dangerous movements and overusing the directional keys will bring you faster speeds but also makes the game more difficult.

Immersive Sound Effects

Sion includes a variety of sound effects that will bring the experience of driving a racecar to life. When you accelerate, your vehicle will make the familiar sound of a car engine and when you brake, you will hear the solid, solid thud of metal on asphalt. All of these sounds are extremely immersive and they add an extra element of realism to the gameplay.

Realism Through Photographic Realism

Another way to add realism to the gameplay is through photorealistic graphics. Sion uses the Unity game engine which has a built-in photography tool. This allows for all kinds of photo-realistic effects such as reflections, shadows, and more. Though it is not essential to have high-quality graphics, they certainly help add to the experience. This is because high-quality graphics make for a more convincing illusion of reality. It should be noted that depending on your device’s GPU, playing with graphics turned on could result in some slowdowns or even hangs. This is why it is recommended to play with graphics turned off on devices with weaker GPUs.

Difficult To Use But Effective Weapons

One of Sion’s standout features is its weaponry. The different parts of your vehicle can be equipped with mines, missiles, or cannons. You start the game with just your car’s basic weapons but you can purchase more advanced weaponry from vehicle parts. When you destroy other players’ vehicles you earn money which you can use to purchase more advanced weaponry. This, in turn, makes you more powerful on the tracks.

As you may assume, all of this weaponry is difficult to use and take out other players. This is especially true of the mines and missiles. The mines are magnetic and once you set them down you cannot move them again unless you return to the spot where you placed them. The missiles are guided and they need to be shot directly at the target to be effective. Finally, the cannons are huge and they can only be used at close range. Like the other weapons, you need to focus and be precise when using your cannons.

The Cars Are Stunning

Even if you don’t play a driving game usually, it is still worth paying attention to the looks of the cars in Sion. The level of detail in these cars is amazing and it brings to life the experience of driving a real racecar. There are also dozens of different cars to choose from and all of them boast excellent handling dynamics which is essential to the experience.

Though it is not required, players can further customize their cars with a variety of visual effects. You can choose from a variety of paint jobs, add accessories such as spoilers and nitrous oxide tanks, or change up the overall look with custom wheels and a tune-up. All of these options bring the cars closer to reality and the more you customize your vehicle, the better it will feel when driving.

This is a long review and it should tell you a lot about Sion. If you’re looking for a new racing game, you should definitely check out this game. Not only is it available now, but it also comes with a free trial so you can play before committing to a purchase.

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