How To Race At Seekonk Speedway? [Updated!]

Located in Massachusetts, the famous ‘Seekonk Speedway’ hosts a huge oval every weekend filled with high-speed action and great racing! The track is known for its unique paint schemes and amazing atmosphere – a true racing classic! If you’ve never been there, here’s your chance to see what all the fuss is about.

The History Of Seekonk Speedway

Founded in 1911, the famed Seekonk Speedway has been drawing spectators and hosting some of the greatest racers of all-time for over 100 years. In those days, the track was a dirt oval that circled the Seekonk Speedway Armory – a military base that was turned into a race track! From there, the track grew from a quarter-mile to a half-mile, and eventually, the granddaddy of all-American motorsport, Walter ‘Red’ Dunn, took over the reigns as the track’s engineer. He is credited with turning the track into its present-day form. In 1928, the track was extended to a mile, becoming the first 1000-mile dirt track in the country. Over the years, the track was paved, the grandstand was expanded, and new wings, lights, and fences were added. The first female to win here was Frances Pangborn in 1937, and since then, only seven women have won the race – all but one of them Pangborns. In 1946, the American Automobile Association (AAA) began sanctioning the race, making it an officially recognized event. In 1949, the track was paved to its present day dimensions – 200 feet wide x 2000 feet long. Today, almost every oval race in North America is at least partially funded by the AAA, including the Indianapolis 500. Since its inception, the Seekonk Speedway has hosted the premier events in auto racing. In addition to being the birthplace of racing in America, it is also home to some of the greatest drivers of all-time – most notably, and one of the few female racing legends, Lucy ‘Luscious’ Loomis. The legend herself even resides in the Seekonk Speedway‘s museum, where she is honored with a display that pays homage to her racing exploits.

The Grand Tour

If you’re a true car enthusiast and love racing, then the ‘Grand Tour’ of Seekonk is an event you don’t want to miss. The ‘Grand Tour’ is an annual tradition that sees some of the finest, most prestigious drivers from around the world come together for one of the premier motorsport events in North America. This year’s ‘Grand Tour’ is set for October 9th–12th, with practice days on the 8th and 9th and the big race on the 12th. With almost 100 years of experience under its belt, the Seekonk Speedway knows just what it takes to put on one of the greatest shows in auto racing. With its famous yellow stripes, steep gradients, and unique atmosphere, you’ll definitely want to come back for more. There are various ways to follow all the action online, including live streaming of the entire event on the Seekonk Speedway‘s website!

Whether you’re a seasoned racing fan or this is your first exposure to the sport, the Seekonk Speedway is certain to inspire you. With its incredible history and unique atmosphere, it is definitely one of the most exciting ovals you’ll ever attend. Come on — it’ll be fun!

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